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The Terminator Franchise is one of the coolest action franchises of all time. James Cameron and Gale Ann Hurd killed it back in 1984 with the original version, and some people are pretty dead-set on their belief that the second installment was even better. There were glimmers of doubt surrounding the next two films, but I believe Terminator Genisys did its part in living up to the legacy.

The truth about this franchise is there's no way to make it in this land of Terminators, time-travel, and artificial intelligence without paying your dues. Even these badasses had to graduate from high school. Here they are in their yearbook photos.

Also, the movie comes out today (July 1) and it's actually surprisingly awesome - despite a few bad reviews.

John Connor from the second film (Edward Furlong)

Cute John Connor, meet equally as cute John Connor. Time-travel is a big part of this franchise, and in this case, we didn't have to travel too far back from his film in 1991 to get an adorable yearbook photo of this boy.

Sarah Connor from Genisys (Emilia Clarke)

If you looked at this yearbook photo of Emilia, you might not expect her to grow up into the Mother of Dragons or equally as badass (?) Sarah Connor. But she dun' did it.

O'Brien from Genisys (J.K. Simmons)

Without spoiling much, I'll say that the Whiplash actor and Oscar winner had a pretty random and small part in the film, but a big one. Here he is back in the day looking as suave and debonaire as ever.

Sarah Connor from the first film (Linda Hamilton)

The original badass bitch that Emilia Clarke felt she had to emulate in order to live up to the first film. Linda Hamilton looked great back in the day... just one matter of concern. That hair? I'll chalk it up to the time period she was in.

Kyle Reese from the first movie (Michael Biehn)

Kyle Reese from the first movie, who makes another appearance in Genisys, was apparently a bit of a prep-star from back in the day. Michael Biehn looked good in the film and was lookin' sharp back in the day as well.

Terminator, period (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Arnold back in the day, before he was super buff and a badass... oh wait, he was always a badass. This is the dream. All young schoolboys want to become lead actors in action movies, and he made his dream a reality. Plus he became governor of California, too. Not bad for an immigrant.


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