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Yearbook photo day always falls under the awkward school moments bracket. So there you are, forced into an unnatural setting. Most likely anchored to a chair or being made to awkwardly stand, while unflattering lights greet you. This scenario is then often accompanied by a skin break out on the morning of the photos, along with unruly hair. But, at least you can rely on an enthusiastic Bambi-eyed photographer to be on hand reminding you to smile for that wholesomely dreaded photo!

The cast of the Jurassic franchise are known best as Dino experts, but are you ready to see them taken back in time and posed in their yearbook photos? How will they fare in the unflattering light? There is only one way to find out.

Time to rewind the clock..........

Laura Dern

Wow, aside from changing her hair to a more glamorous style, Laura has been frozen in time, barely changing.

Chris Pratt

Chris is instantly recognizable here. His yearbook photo sure looks cheeky. This should come as no surprise, as he was known as the class clown and is remembered by classmates for his moon-walking skills.

Jeff Goldblum

I guess the 'smile for the camera' thing didn't work so well here... Jeff looks entirely perplexed.

William H. Macy

Star Trek is calling, just what on earth is going on with that freaky fringe?

BD Wong

BD Wong is all suited and booted for this yearbook photo. I cannot help but wonder though, if this outfit choice was his or his momma's.

Judy Greer

Maybe Judy was in a fight with fashion at school, but she has definitely found the right path in her cinderella-style transformation.

Katie McGrath

Katie looks like she is trying her best to smile through the awkward school photos ordeal.

Dallas Bryce-Howard

Little Bryce looks like she is practicing her future Hollywood smile here, what a cutie pie!

Vincent D'Onofrio

If the casting agents had gotten stuck on finding a Damian in The Omen they could have roped in young Vincent...

Samuel L. Jackson

Has Samuel borrowed Dick Van Dyk's jacket here? All I can think of right now is this scene from Mary Poppins...

So there we have it, the young schoolers who once had big dreams have grown up and become more successful than they ever could have imagined!


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