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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
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We all have been dying to see Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice that won't be released until 2016 that will feature an epic brawl between Batman and Superman. We first heard about this movie in 2014 and it was confirmed in 2015 but how long have they been planning for this movie.

Last night, i stayed up late watching I Am Legend on MBC 2.

But something i saw shook me to my very core. In the opening scene of I Am Legend they give us a look of the city and that's where i was shocked. This is the pic

When you look into the top left of the picture, you'll notice this billboard

Huh! This sign seems oddly similar to the logo of Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice

And i've searched all the Batman and Superman movies ever made and none of them had the logo on that billboard which clearly states that this is the logo of Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

I Am Legend was released in 2007 and a movie takes more than a year to be made so at least which indicates that I Am Legend was made in the year of 2006 and the appearance of this logo in this movie shows that Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice was planned a decade ago.

But if you take anothet look at that billboard,

You'll read on it's bottom:" 05.15.10" which obviously refers to the 15th of May in 2010 which means that [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) was planned to be released in 2010. So the question is why did we hear about it just this year?

What do you think?


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