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(Note, potential SPOILERS for Agent Carter Season 2 lie below...)

It may not have exactly soared when it came to ratings, but Marvel's Agent Carter still managed to steal the hearts and minds of millions of fans when it debuted this past winter, endearing itself through a simple process known as 'being really quite good.'

The lack of widespread ratings success, however, made its renewal for a second season far from a formality, making its imminent return all the more exciting - not least because, from the sounds of it, we're set to see the show both head to Los Angeles, and to lift its connections to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe up to a whole new level as it does so.


It Sounds Like Agent Carter Is Set to Feature an Ant-Man Star Next Season

"I hear it's that T.I. fellow"
"I hear it's that T.I. fellow"

That's right - if the latest rumors coming out of E! Online are correct, then we could well be seeing one of the main stars of Ant-Man becoming something of a regular in Agent Carter next season.

That character?

Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym.

Aka Michael Douglas.
Aka Michael Douglas.

Yup - that Hank Pym. Or, rather, what sounds an awful lot like a younger version of him. According to E! Online:

"[A] character we'll meet when Agent Carter heads west is Dr. Henry, a "charming oddball" who is quite scientific, but doesn't take himself too seriously."

After all, seeing as we're about to be introduced to "Dr. Henry" 'Hank' Pym in Ant-Man any day now, it seems entirely possible that this new scientific cast-member could well be a junior Pym.

The only problem with that? If you're a fan of old school Marvel Comics, you'll probably have noticed that 'Dr. Henry' sounds precisely nothing like the comic book Hank Pym, who was usually characterized as a pretty generic humorless jerk and perennial failure:

Not pictured: Wife-beating.
Not pictured: Wife-beating.

What it does very much sound like, however, is a distinctly MCU-ified take on a classic character - one much more in keeping with the Hank Pym we're seemingly set to see in the soon-to-be-released Ant-Man.

The only problem then? If Agent Carter Season 2 is set in roughly the same era as Season 1 (the late 1940s) then that would make Hank Pym - even if he was a teenager in the show - way too old. As in, by the time of Ant-Man, he'd be around 85 years old.

"Wait, what?"
"Wait, what?"

So...maybe his dad, then?

What do you think, though?

via E! Online


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