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(Warning - mild SPOILERS for Marvel's Ant-Man lie below in tweeted form - tread softly, because you tread on...y'know...potential SPOILERS...)

Now, to a casual observer, the widespread online outrage that erupted after the controversial departure of director Edgar Wright from Marvel's Ant-Man last year could easily have been mistaken for the uproar surrounding a fraudulent election result, or something involving Miley Cyrus. It was, quite simply, kind of a big deal, and for many fans, not even an excellent series of trailers and clips could counteract their cynicism regarding the film

With so much negative fan-feeling surrounding the origins of the (now Peyton Reed directed) movie, then, surely the film is doomed to suffer a major backlash on social media when it's released? Right?

Well, if the first Twitter responses following the recent premiere are to be believed, maybe not so much. Y'see:

The Twitterati Loved Ant-Man

"So I can stop hiding the suit, now?"
"So I can stop hiding the suit, now?"

So much so, in fact, that a certain Guardians of the Galaxy director even went so far as to admit that:

Which, seeing as that period he's skipping over includes both The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, two of the most critically-acclaimed superhero movies of all time, is high praise indeed...

Others felt similarly, though:

With particular praise going to the film's two post-credits scenes:

And while some had more mixed feelings:

And a handful downright negative ones:

It still - on Twitter at least - seemed to be hugely well received:

Now...if it could just be the 17th already...

What do you reckon, though?



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