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Baldwin Collins

New British singing sensation, Sam smith is Rumoured by the media to sing and record for the up-coming bond film 'spectre'. Earlier this year it was also rumoured, that R/B singer 'Adele' would return a second time to record for the bond film franchise. Which in bond history It would make Adele the second only artiste to have two bond theme's to her name.

The first to have three is Dame Shirley Bassey starting with 'Goldfinger' (1964) 'Diamond's are for Ever' (1971) And 'Moonraker ' (1979) making bassey the only singer to reach this number. for the iconic film series. However Adele's skyfall theme had earned her a Academy Award for best song for a motion picture in (2013). However if sam smith nails the bond gig, do you believe he can make the theme a monster hit song like Adele ?


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