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Rob Harris

From the opening moments of Rocksteady's latest Batman game, Arkham Knight, it's clear that the Clown Prince of Crime is not coming back from the grave, the developers forcing you to watch the supervillain get reduced to a pile of make-up smeared ashes in this rather horrifying cremation scene:

But, that doesn't stop him from continuing to haunt the Batman, taking up residence in the dark recesses of the Dark Knight's toxin-affected mind.

Infecting your deteriorating psyche, Joker crops up in the most unexpected places, resulting in these truly awesome Easter egg billboard appearances that constantly causes you to question your eyes...and sanity. Did you spot these sneaky Joker appearances?

Bad Romance

Just Kidding

The Killing Joke

Taste My Wrath

Resisting Temptation

To Kill Or Not To Kill?

Expose Yourself

Touch of Evil

[Source: Reddit]


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