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Haven't done anything except games, No experience but one thing for sure, once i start typing i am going to be one hell of a blogger. Hasta
Nabeel Niaz

This legendary game once used to be on every single PC, This game taking not more than 13 MB was an fantastic piece of art in the gaming world which was played by all ages, either it was to be a 5 year old kid or a office worker adult... this game was held in high esteem among all computers. The kids of the 90's are sure to remember this and with this product there childhood was surely to be awesome. None the less this game by its title covers brings back most of the childhood memories and gives a clear cut view about the worlds pace of technological development that once we were there playing Virtual Cop which was completely programmed taking on less than 15 MB and now we are here playing games like GTA and Battlefield in which even the minor details such as the eyebrows and skin of the player is taking on more space than 30 MB. Well we must be thankful that we were born to witness such an awesome era. Anyways i end this post by saying thanks to the creator of this fabulous game... Thanks SEGA for making our childhood awesome.


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