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Disney heroines are known for their kind hearts and often sweet singing voices. But, then there are the ruthless Disney Villains who have their own notoriety channeling from their ruthless ambitions along with their cold and cruel hearts. These innovative and evil protagonists stay on a mission to destroy others happiness, not letting anything stand in their way of this path. If you were not convinced that Disney villains are scary enough already with their sinister motives, then this artwork may just alter your view.

Arnaud de Vallois is one of my most favourite artists around and I have been following his epic work for years. If you are a fan of all things Disney, I think your eyes may just enjoy this spooky treat. This artist creates nightmare inducing art work, taking familiar characters and morphing them into sinister spectral apparitions.


This Maleficent art is from Arnaud de Vallois's ''Distorted Disney'' collection. The colourful, yet dark Maleficent looks incredible. Even, Maleficent's beloved pet raven Diablo has got a feature too. Diablo rarely leaves her side and is the secondary antagonist alongside Maleficent in Sleeping beauty.

Cruella de Vil

“Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil!

If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will!”

Cruella's cruel and egotistical personality just oozes out of this art work encapsulating this evil villain. The finer details like her skeletal hand suit this character down to a tee.

Captain Hook

Here is the world's most famous crook Captain Hook, the arrogant chap with manipulative motives. This ghostly image of him reveals Hook in an even darker light, taking his personality to another extreme.

The Mad Hatter

Arnaud de Vallois has brought out the insaner side of the Mad Hatter's personality here, making him look absolutely terrifying. Hatter's erratic behaviour is said to come from the mercury poising that hat makers of the time were exposed to. ''Mad as a hatter'' really does resonate the truth, the poisoning caused emotional disturbances and hallucinations. Remember when The Mad Hatter bit the tea cup in Alice in Wonderland?

Arnaud de Vallois haunting art work goes much further than Disney, he has worked his magic manipulating the Legend of Zelda series, Red Riding Hood, Edgar Allen Poe and Barnabas Collins to name a few. If you would like to see more of his dark art creations then click here.


Which one was your favourite?


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