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I'm so glad that I started the round-up since it really helps me to focus on what movies I feel I should be paying attention to as their respective release dates grow ever closer.

A lot of times too, I'll see a trailer and think that it looked amazing but sometimes, if it's still a long way till it's release or if it's a smaller film that may not be as marketed well as other movies, I'll forget about them until after they've been released.

Here's a look at some of the movie trailer round-ups I've done in the past. It should be noted that some of these movies have come out in theaters since.

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1. Steve Jobs (October 9, 2015)

Michael Fassbender looks absolutely amazing in this movie. He's rapidly coming up as one of my favorite actors as I just love his characters in everything that I've seen him in. This story of Steve Jobs though looks very intense as we see a man accomplishing great things (like giving us the Apple products we all enjoy today) while simultaneously alienating everyone around him.

It's all very similar to The Social Network that came out in 2010 only this movie is less college-y due to the place in life the protagonists find themselves in life. I am excited to see just how this movie does. It doesn't strike me as a "must-see-in-theaters" film, but it's one that I'll definitely pick up from Red Box when it's released.

2. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (August 14, 2015)

One of three films that I am actually aware had an official trailer at SDCC 2015, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. looks like a very entertaining, action-packed, spy film.

It's a great thing to see Henry Cavill, whose name was mercilessly drug through the mud by internet fanboys who were upset by his "stale performance" in Man of Steel (I personally thought he did a great job), actually prove those dorks wrong. Henry has so much personality and charisma in this film that really shows that he is more than just a type-cast actor and that he is nowhere near as "stale" as some people thinks he is.

Armie Hammer also looks to be doing a great job in this movie and seems to play really well off of Henry Cavill's character. It's going to be fun to see these two actors work together and see how their chemistry works. What's ironic is that one of these actors is Superman and the other was almost Batman.

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25, 2016)

We saw our first footage of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a few months ago and 75% of the people that watched it really raved about how amazing it was while the rest were either underwhelmed or just not completely convinced still. Hopefully, this new trailer shows that this is going to be a very great superhero film to others because it's definitely sold me (course I was sold when it was announced).

But this trailer has the same effect on me as the first full-length trailer of Man of Steel did which was pure epic-ness. This film feels very much like an extension of Man of Steel without looking like an uninspired copy/paste. Zack Snyder is really in love with these characters in a way that most superhero movie directors are not. Yes, Zack Snyder is in it for the money I'm sure, but I think that that's merely a perk to doing something that only a few could ever dream to do.

The style of the film looks very different from every other superhero film that we've seen to date and that's a good thing. We don't want to over-saturate the cinema market with cookie-cutter superhero films. The genre would not and could not thrive it just tried to do the same stuff that Marvel Studios is doing. It's important that each company brings something different to the table and I think that that is very much what Warner Bros. and DC are doing with their DC Extended Universe starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Every actor in this trailer looks to do a great job, Ben Affleck especially looks to be at his prime despite the fact that he's taken on the depiction of a weathered and weary man. It's also cool to see a more comic book Batman using grapples and swinging out of harm's way.

Also, you'll want to watch this trailer a few times to catch all the juicy easter eggs that make an appearance whether it's the very brief shots of Wonder Woman or the Death in the Family reference (you nerds know what I'm talking about).

This is my most anticipated film of all time at the moment. I literally can't be brought down from the nerd-high I got from watching this trailer.

4. Suicide Squad (August 5, 2016)

Along with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I've been dying to see some footage of Suicide Squad. I've been completely on board for Warner Bros' DC Extended Universe since the day that I watched Man of Steel (really since I saw the trailer for Man of Steel). Every bit of info that has been released just got me more hyped up. Now, looking back at July 2015's San Diego Comic Con, we've got some great footage showcasing what's to come for DC fans in 2016.

Suicide Squad looks like a truly unique film as it is the only big-budget super-villain movie to be released. We've seen so much from the good guys that we forget that these bad guys have great stories too and it looks as though David Ayer really wants to delve into source (DC) of some of the greatest villains.

Everyone in this trailer looks amazing. Margot Robbie looks to have the Harley Quinn vibe down pat, Will Smith still looks to be a great Deadshot as I expected, Killer Croc looks amazing and I'm glad cause I was a slight bit hesitant when looking at BTS pictures, and Jared Leto's Joker looks terrifying or crazy. Seriously the tattoos don't even bother me.

I just hope they don't over-sexualize Harley Quinn to be more of what some on the internet call her: "Whore-y Quinn". There's always a risk with her character, I just hope the balance it nicely. Also, Cara Delevingne looks creepy, not a big fan of the pentagram stuff due to my own beliefs, that just makes me uneasy, but ultimately, this film looks great.

5. The Revenant (January 7, 2016)

I've been waiting to see this trailer for a long time now. I love Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, so having these two great actors play in a western film inspired by true events which will be directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu Oscar-winning director behind the movie Birdman which also won an Oscar for "Best Picture", just seemed like a recipe for success.

I love the feel to this film, it feels very cold with the way the filter is used and obviously the winter scenery but it also feels very cold in the acting. This does not look like a feel good movie, it looks gritty and rough and like the type of film that will have you leaning on the edge of your seat with your hands rubbing nervously or gripping the arms of your theater seat.

There's not a whole lot of lines delivered in this trailer but one thing that Leonardo and Tom both have is a distinct ability to speak through their body-language and their expressions. This talented team-up is bound to create a film that is a "must-see".

6. Before We Go (September 4, 2015 limited release)

I am a sucker for a good romance movie believe it or not. Underneath all the superhero, scifi, fantasy nerd facade, there's a big romantic-loving softy. I am a huge fan of films like Away We Go or [500] Days of Summer which have a sort of indie vibe to them and the romantic playout isn't always quite what it seems to be.

Before We Go looks to be a good movie that one can snuggle with their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend on the couch and enjoy together (if the men are man enough to stop fronting and allow themselves to remove any emotional barriers).

I make no bones about my love for the genre of romance, there's not often a movie that appeals to me so much within the genre because a lot of it just sort of becomes typical, but Before We Go looks like one that just might stand out in quality.

7. The Good Dinosaur (November 25, 2015)

Okay, so I know included the short little teaser for this movie in last month's Movie Trailer Round-Up, but this trailer was released and gave us a lot more to look at visually and even though there was little-to-no dialogue, we got a clear image of what the story will be.

This movie looks like it's going to have a lot of heart to it and maybe it'll turn out to be a Pixar movie to be right on top of the top best Pixar movies for me along with Wall-E, Up, The Incredibles, and Inside Out! Speaking of Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur is the second Pixar movie in the same year which is almost unheard of. Inside Out was an amazing film and was definitely well-received by adults and children alike, could The Good Dinosaur bring in another big hit for the critically-acclaimed animation studio? I sure hope so. Honestly, I've not personally seen a great dinosaur movie for kids since Walt Disney's Dinosaur or to go even further back, The Land Before Time.

I love the design of this film, the layout looks very artistic and almost painted but the young Apatosaurus, Arlo, has a sort of "Yoshi" look to him which is just adorable and will win my heart in an instant (I love dinosaurs and I love Yoshi).

Also, this trailer was great for using a song from Of Monsters and Men who are one of my favorite bands. It's a smart move because the choice of song can provide insight to the feel of the film. I think it's safe to say that this children's dinosaur movie might just have some moments of heart ache as well as joy.

8. Spectre (November 6, 2015)

Every Danial Craig-starring James Bond film has been amazing so far. The most recent one, Skyfall being one of my favorite James Bond films ever. Ever since Casino Royale though, we've seen a more human James Bond who is much more flawed and gritty and relatable. One of the great things about the Skyfall was that we also got to dive into Bond's personal history.

Sam Mendes, who directed Skyfall is returning for the fourth installment in the Craig-verse Bond films (I just made that up!) and I believe, judging by the last film and the footage in this newest trailer for Spectre, that we are going to get more of that personal insight into James Bond, his history, and why he is better than your average spy, not based on skill along, but based on meaning something and having more of a personal connection to the missions he finds himself on.

I cannot wait for this next installment, Mendes knocked the Bond films out of the park with Skyfall and Daniel Craig has been killing the role since Casino Royale. Spectre, from the looks of things, is going to be amazing.

9. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (November 20, 2015)

This was another one of the films that was featured in the last round-up I did, but this trailer is so much better. It really shows that they're going a different route than what we've seen from the previous Hunger Games movies.

As always, all of the actors that are cast in this movie are superb looking. We've seen a great deal of Jennifer Lawrence's career since she first started shooting this franchise and we know what kind of talent she has. Not only that, but we have great supporting actors like Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Plummer, and Woody Harrelson and there's really so many more.

This movie looks intense and looks to be giving us a whole bunch of action which the previous film was criticized for not having enough (similar to how the last two Harry Potter movies were received). I can't wait to for this film though, there's always a bitter sweet sense of finality when you finish off a franchise.

10. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (September 18, 2015)

With the Hunger Games coming to an end, it's no surprise that there's already a franchise coming into the spotlight to pick up interest. I personally think that The Maze Runner movie that came out last year was one of the best Young Adult inspired movies.

Dylan O'Brien did a great job not coming off as arrogant or cocky like so many younger male actors his age do in this movies. I mean seriously, a lot of them just act like douches, but O'Brien keeps thing relatable.

I love that this movie is only the second in the franchise and it already looks so much different than the last movie. If I had one complaint about most Young Adult inspired stuff, it's that they don't diversify their environments enough. So many of them just feel like the same movie and so I'm hoping that this movie delivers the variety that the trailer is promising in setting.

11. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (January 15, 2015)

The attack at Benghazi back in September 11, 2012 has definitely brought a lot of heated discussion about how the incident was handled by our government. But no matter if you're Republic or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, you cannot deny the bravery that the Navy SEALs who risked their lives, or in the cases of Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, gave their lives to protect innocent, American lives.

This movie looks amazing and the hesitation I had going into this was 1) is it going to be disrespectful and 2) the fact that Michael Bay was in charge of the film. But I have to admit that half way into the trailer, I totally forgot that it was Michael Bay that had directed this film.

I'll also give a shout-out to John Krasinski who surprisingly doesn't look out of place. Most often he's known for his comedic roles like Jim Halpert in The Office or his more indie-style films like Away We Go. It's surprising to see him in an action film and one that contains content that still feels fresh in the minds of every American.

One could ask if this movie is being made too soon to the incident and it very well might, but just so long as there is no disrespect to any of the men who risked or gave their lives, I'm fine with it. I only hope that the families are as pleased with the outcome of this movie the way that the Kyle family was with American Sniper.


Still amazed by the sheer volume of great movies that seem to continuously come out. Every month, we get a slew of great looking movies from great trailers. Not all of the movies that I've mentioned in the entirety of my movie trailer round-ups will turn out to be good probably, but it's nice to have a consolidated list of trailers to reference as time goes on.

I've essentially created a check-list of movies that I want to see and have decided to share it with you all. So what movie trailers came out this past month that got you excited? Share in the comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll.


Which of the 11 movies are you most interested in?

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