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There's a new movie, The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling, which might just offer an interesting take on the sports/ horror genre. Written and directed by Carolin Von Petzholdt (Testing Life), the story is about a group of female pro-wrestlers who wind up stuck in a ghost town in the middle of the desert, and one by one get stalked by a knife-wielding psychopath dressed like a chicken. Yes, a Chicken!

Okay, yes, it sounds like the usual, but very few movies in the slasher genre are directed by women (and 75% of the film’s crew are female), so I’m hopeful this might offer something fresh. Plus, with a ridiculously small budget of $5000, it offers proof that these days practically anyone can make a movie. However, the movie doesn't look like cheap low budget independent film. It looks like a well made Hollywood Horror flick.

Watch the trailer here

The story: Two German Female Filmmakers came to Hollywood to make this movie for 5K! Carolin Von Petzholdt and Ursel Walldorf was able to bring their film vision to life with a shoestring budget for unbelievable 5K!!!, Using various cost-cutting techniques, volunteers, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. This is an amazing triumph for two European female filmmakers to come to the US and make a movie for $5k. What an phenomenal achievement!

Making a movie and selling a movie are two different things. The film has finished production and there is a Kickstarter campaign to fund its marketing and release for a wider distribution..


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