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Warning: Spoilers ahead!! Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy can be argued to be one of the best superhero movie franchises ever. Heath Ledger's legendary portrayal of the infamous Joker might be the best thing about the whole trilogy and while I sit here fan girling I can't ignore the huge enigma that is the Joker. For others the enigma of the agent of chaos makes the character so much better without an origin story (I also believe this) but it still bothers me that we never find out who he really is. Spoilers Coming ; there are multiple occasions that the Joker gives a story about "How I got these scars", but they change from time to time. He continuously acts as if he's just a madman trying to blow up as much of Gotham as he can for no real reason and states that's he just a dog chasing cars with no real plan.

I think we all agreed
I think we all agreed

However many times we are led to believe that the Joker is acting out on impulse he has a plan. Batman Begins is the story of Bruce Wayne's rise to becoming Batman as he is trained to become a member of the League of Shadows. Taught in the ways of being more than just a man and becoming a legend. Ra's Al Ghul expresses the value of deception, theatrics and the ways to combat the criminal underworld. Skip ahead after Batman's doing his Batmanning where Mr. Neeson's character shows up at his house monologuing his dastardly plan.

He states that the League (not to be confused with the TV show) has infiltrated every aspect of Gotham's society and how a forest that has grown too wild needs a purging fire. Skip some more, Spoiler!! Batman saves the day and we go to him and Gordon on the roof talking about the inevitable rise of criminals to combat the police. The money shot ends with talks of this new guy who has a taste of the theatrics just like Batman with a look at a his calling card a Joker. This bothers me because had he been in the city the whole time, you would think we would have heard about him throughout the history of Gotham at some point. So what was he doing before?

We can only imagine
We can only imagine

My theory is that the Joker is a member of the League of Shadows possibly as a sleeper cell already in the city or a newly arrival. We know that the League is continuously trying to snub out Gotham and are the main antagonist in both Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises but not Dark Knight do they just call a break and not show up, or are they right in front of us? Everything about the Joker's motives make sense as an operative or possibly new Ra's al Ghul as the title passes. He makes use of theatrics, deception, wipes out a good portion of the criminal underworld, and goes on a killing spree of officials that could be deemed corrupt. Even his rise as Gotham's most wanted coincides with the fall of Neeson, becoming the Leagues plan C.

It has been discussed that he has at least some military experience but is not recognized by any records, possibly making him a mercenary who may not even have lived in the U.S.. Guess who else was a mercenary before being a member of the League, Henri Ducard aka Liam Neeson. They may have even served together before finding their true purpose. They both also have an obsession with burning and trying to push the city over the edge to destroy itself through chaos. The Joker tried sending the message that the city could not be saved by taking Gotham's white knight and turning him into a killer and trying to get the citizens on the ferry's to blow the other up. Several times the Joker challenges Batman to kill him and tries to push him into becoming a killer as well but fails. Eventually at the end (Spoilers!!) calls him truly incorruptible in a sign of possible respect. Then as we all know Bane the League's final chess piece and plan D tries to accomplish what the other Al Ghul's could not.

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