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San Diego Comic-Con 2015. It's coming. The mecca of pop culture and all around geekdom is almost here, and we can hardly contain our excitement! Maybe you feel the same way - in fact, we're pretty sure you do.

In order to make this year's Comic-Con the coolest yet, Moviepilot has teamed up with Entertainment Weekly to connect you guys - that's right, YOU - with the biggest names in movies, TV, and pop culture. We're bringing four superfans to SDCC for out-of-the-box videos featuring the biggest names in entertainment. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly's amazing access and reputation, we'll be hanging out at the EW suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego to shoot these awesome videos. More details to come soon, but we think you'll dig what we're putting together.

And for those of you who won't be at Comic-Con this year, don't worry! We'll be bringing all the coolest highlights and events right to your fingertips! Aside from our celebrity videos with Team EW, we'll have our team of writers and fans on the ground covering the latest and greatest at the world's best convention. Have a question you'd like our team to ask? Or maybe a panel you want us to write about? Tell us in the comments!

We're just a week away, guys. We're amazingly excited for this year's con, and we've got you covered at Moviepilot.

For more information about the Moviepilot and Entertainment Weekly team-up, click here to read EW's press release.


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