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Today, I am expressing doing my first review. I am doing it on Tron: Legacy. This movie follows Sam Flynn, who goes to the Grid to find his long-lost father, video-game creator Kevin Flynn. He then finds Clu, a program Flynn created to keep the Grid in check while he was gone. Clu is the bad guy of the movie, and wants Kevin's disk to complete his master plan of ruling the digital universe and going into the real world and ruling that too. He meets Quorra, a special program that Kevin took in after he disappeared. Sam and Quorra have to stop Clu's evil plan to rule the world but Clu took over Tron while Flynn was gone.

Overall, this movie was good. The first time I watched it, I understood the story even though I hadn't watched the first movie yet. But, the flow of the story was nice, and I loved when I watched it in 3D. Everytime I had watched it after the first, I had always wished that in real life there were actual light cycles like in the movie.

The characters were okay. I kinda hated Clu for a while. Quorra was my favorite and so was Sam. The incredible Daft Punk cameo as the DJ's in Zeus' nightclub was my favorite scene by far. And I liked towards the end of the movie that Tron finally realizes that he's fighting for the wrong side, and that he stalled Clu to let the good guys get a bit ahead of him. After the movie was over, I had given it a 9/10.

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