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The new trailer for the Aaron Sorkin written and Danny Boyle directed bio pic of the late Steve Jobs was released a tad bit earlier then expected today. It's simply called Steve Jobs and I can't tell if its good or bad.

Lets talk acting. Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs. He's a multiple BAFTA, Golden Globe, and SAG nominated actor with a filmography that only gets more and more impressive with each year. He's a great actor, no not just great he's one of the best, but he looks nothing like Steve jobs. Like, really, what's going on here? Did Universal use all their money on hiring Sorkin and Boyle?

He looks like a coked up sleazy wall street banker who belongs in Wolf of Wall Street not Steve Jobs.

Self proclaimed "actor" Ashton Kutcher was a better Steve Jobs. That film bombed, because Ashton can't act, but golly gee, he had the look down.

Oh, and how can I forget actual actor Noah Wyle. He portrayed Steve Jobs in the 1999 TV movie (and so far best film about the late innovator) Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Also, I can't believe I'm writing this, but Anthony Michael Hall killed it as Bill Gates. I actually highly recommend Pirates of Silicon Valley. It's pretty good, everyone looks their parts and it had the blessing of Mr. Jobs and his family.

Steve Jobs will hit the theaters October 9th, 2015. I feel safe in saying, Fassbender will kill it in the acting department, the story and cinematography will all be amazing but the audience will be taken aback by the fact that he LOOKS NOTHING LIKE JOBS! We need Kutcher's looks but Fassbender's talent. Can someone make that happen?

If only Ashton Kutcher could act and didn't already jump on the bandwagon right after the poor man died. If only......

In conclusion, I'm a black woman and I would have been a better choice. I at least grew up in Silicon Valley and went to the same High School as Jobs and Woz. Oh, and I wear glasses. Go MUSTANGS!

PS. shout out to all my lovely filmmaker, crew and production staff friends of the San Francisco Bay Area who made the film possible. You guys are awesome!


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