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Finding an evil master is easy. Keeping one...not so much.
Finding an evil master is easy. Keeping one...not so much.

'The Minions' film shows us just how these cute little yellow creatures became Gru's most loyal henchmen (and also friends). Acting as a prequel to 'Despicable Me', this film shows how minions evolved from tiny organisms in the depths of the sea, and their quest to find the most evil master ever to serve.

The film begins by showing how even as tiny organisms, the minions followed around the most deadly predators they could find, including the T.Rex (whom they later accidentally push off a cliff), early man, and Napoleon. However, while their intentions may be good (or bad, depending on how you look at it), the minions are absolutely hopeless, causing more trouble for their masters than their masters' enemies.

After their "little" mishap with their last leader, Napoleon (they accidentally blew him up with a cannon), the minions found themselves in an icy tundra, and ended up hiding in an ice cave. While they were happy at first, they soon became depressed as they lacked an evil master to serve, and so our heroes, Bob, Kevin and Stuart, set off out into the unknown to try and find a new evil master to serve.

True Minion Style: Hitching a ride with a family of villains
True Minion Style: Hitching a ride with a family of villains

After a few delays, and some failed attempts at hitch-hiking, the trio arrives in Orlando for the "Villain Con", where they see a lecture by Scarlet Overkill, the first female supervillain (who certainly lives up to her last name), and through some sort of divine intervention and quite a bit of luck, they end up working for Scarlet, whose first assignment for the hapless minions is to steal Queen Elizabeth's crown (this Scarlet woman has some serious delusions of grandeur, ladies and gents).

After one very hilarious heist scene, and some help from the 'Sword in the Stone', Bob ends up being named King of England, which isn't as good as it may seem. Enter Scarlet, stage right, with a very large lava gun (yes, you did read that right, it's a gun filled with actual lava), who believes that the trio have betrayed her. After guilt-tripping these poor, hapless, innocent little creatures into giving Scarlet the crown, she has them locked in the dungeon, where her husband, Herb, does an absolutely superb job of "torturing" (read: playing with) the minions, before leaving them to attend Scarlet's coronation, giving the minions the perfect opportunity to carry out a rather simple escape (honestly, when will villains learn that having grates that lead down to the sewer is not a good idea).

However, as is always the way, something goes wrong for the minions. After nearly killing Scarlet at her coronation (the obligatory 'chandelier-squashing-the-evil-character' scene), Bob, Stuart and Kevin are chased through the streets of London by Scarlet's "loyal" (read: insane and obsessed) fans and supporters. While Kevin is able to escape, Bob and Stuart aren't so lucky, and so Kevin has to execute a daring and risky rescue plan, which, of course, goes wrong from the get-go.

Villains should probably learn to lock up their weapons better, because if a minion is able to break into your super-secret weapons lab, and accidentally get locked in a dangerous and unstable "ultimate weapon", that then turns them into a giant yellow (thankfully hairless) version of King Kong, then your security probably isn't as good as it should be.

However, the epic rescue/battle scene isn't the last scene of this enjoyable film. The trio is invited to Buckingham Palace where the queen bestows them gifts (and knights Kevin. Sorry, Sir Kevin), and they have been joined by the rest of their fellow minions. A small twist is provided when Scarlet and Herb turn up, mostly intact (slightly unbelievable as they had been blown up by a bomb that Giant-Kevin had swallowed during the final battle scene), and steal Queen Elizabeth's crown.

However, before the evil pair can get far, they are frozen by a freeze-ray, which turns out to be wielded by none other than a bite-size Gru (complete with hair). As he steals the crown, the minions decide that Gru shall be the new master that they serve and follow him as he flies off in his modified flying motorbike, giving the foundations for 'Despicable Me'.

The humour and pure fun provided by this film makes up for the lack of the normal story arcs provided by the 'Despicable Me' films, and provide the film with many 'laugh-out-loud' moments.

Sandra Bullock's performance as the attractive, enticing, and completely psycho Scarlet Overkill (again, the humour of her last name can definitely be seen in the battle scene), is superb. If we didn't know better, you could almost believe that she really was Scarlet. Her voice lends to Scarlet's character and really brings the character to life. In my opinion, she was the best actress for the job.

While the beginning of the film that details the evolution of the minions and their mishaps can be slightly confusing to follow, the pure stupidity of these creatures and their hilarious mishaps makes up for any confusion caused. While there may not be much of a plot in this spin-off, the comedy provided more than makes up for it.


Pure, hilarious fun for absolutely everyone in the family (including sulky teenagers), this films delivers absolutely everything that we'd expect from this hugely successful franchise. If you haven't seen this film yet, it's well-worth watching.


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