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Steve Rogers is running from the henchman who are on snowmobiles as he pulls out a knife and throws it at the henchman in the face fellowed by Bruce Banner who is in a helicopter and pulls the handle down as Thor is on a motorcycle and throws his hammer at two snipers while another sniper arrives to kill Thor who is saved by Iron Man who introduces himself to Thor who starts to laugh when he meets him for the first time.


Hawkeye is seen shoplifting as he gets caught by the police who soon get knocked out by Black Widow who is a cheerleader who is a trained assassin.

That Night

Steve checks on his Dodge charger and knows that Bruce Banner has a gun aimed at him as Steve tells him that he will need to help him out as Bruce tells him that he won't help him because he is a criminal as Steve tells him that he will need to go to find an device in Abu Dhabi as Steve gives him information on the device which is in a system as Bruce agrees to help him out but he warns him if he tries anything else he will arrest him as Steve nods at him and agrees that nothing will happen.

The next day

Iron Man who is known as Tony Stark is a black ops sniper as he is seen using a sniper rifle to shoot at the henchman fellowed by pressing a button to blow up the military in slow motion as he actives the sniper

rifle to turn into a gauntlet which shapeshifts into an Iron Man suit as it flies off in slow motion with explosions behind him.Iron Man,Hulk,Captain America, Black Widow,Thor and Hawkeye meet for the first time ever as they go on a mission to Abu Dhabi.

They arrive at Abu Dhabi as they split up with J.A.R.V.I.S who is the Butler to iron man blends in as a waiter by telling Thor that the device he is looking for is somewhere as he uses the iron man suit to find it while Captain America sees a helicopter getting ready to fire as he tells everyone to leave causing Hulk to hold a bazooka to fire at the helicopters one by one while the first helicopter fires at the penthouse which leads to Black Widow using Hawkeye's bow and arrow to fire at the helicopter which is bulletproof as it fires missiles at the building as she holds onto the floor and doesn't let go to fall out of the skyscraper.

Thor hacks into the system until he is spotted by the guards who get attacked by Tony who is not in his Iron Man suit and starts to headbutt the guards while Thor sees the device inside the system and takes it out as Hawkeye notices that Thor is a ladies man and is always sharing jokes as Hawkeye sees a Merdeces Benz as Thor lifts up the bottom of it as he sees a pistol and uses it to fire at the guards who shoot at the Merdeces Benz as Hawkeye tells him to hop in as Thor hops in the Merdeces Benz leading to Hawkeye driving out of the skyscraper with the guards following them as J.A.R.V.I.S bashes the guards to the wall as the guards continue shooting at the Merdeces Benz as Hawkeye sees a henchman behind the Merdeces Benz as Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner who parachutes out of the skyscraper and throws a sawed off shotgun to Hawkeye who shoots the ejector seat out of the Merdeces Benz giving Thor time to take out the navigator as he knows that he needs to cut the wires out as the henchman fights him with his own hammer as Thor kicks the henchman out of the Merdeces Benz which lands on the ground with no scratches on it and drives off as a helicopter fires at the Merdeces Benz but he avoids the explosions that blow up the skyscrapers.

Thor continues driving until he sees an army of soldiers as he stops the Merdeces Benz and begins to get out and starts to fight the first soilder fellowed by knocking out the other soldiers and then grabs the final soilder as he takes him to Paris.

That Night

Tony is framed by the police who know that he killed Pepper Potts his girlfriend as he is on the run as he uses his arc reactor to blast at the police and heads off to Westfield to hide as two police officers come in to shoot at Tony who uses his Iron Man gaunlet to fire at the first police officer and then grabs the shotgun from the second police officer and shoots him in the chest and then reloads it by using his Iron Man suit and shoots at all of the police officers in a shootout.


Thor straps the solider on a electric chair and begins to shock him twice and asks him who sent him as he refuses to tell him as he leaves the switch on that makes the solider die slowly.

Captain America knows that the mission is taking place on a heavily secured penthouse in Cuba as Iron Man has shot and killed many police officers to death as he gets upset that Pepper is dead as Hawkeye comes to see him at Pepper's funeral as Iron Man begins to punch him but Hawkeye starts to fight back as they both fight each other for a bit until J.A.R.V.I.S is injured and he is in the hospital and tells Iron Man that the penthouse belongs to Suicide Squad as Black Widow goes to the shop to get a suit and then Thor goes to the convenience store to get a few weapons including a pair of Kimber Gold Combat II pistols,A 4" Smith & Wesson Model 500 ,dual-wielding Springfield Armory XD9 tactical handguns and a couple of others as they arrive at the penthouse as Thor kicks the door open as Iron Man pulls out an Arsenal Shipka to fire at Deadshot who has a fight with him while Hawkeye is seen retrieving a Heckler & Koch UMP45 from a fallen enemy soldier during the finale as he shoots at the solider but he gets kicked by Harley Quinn who begins to shoot at him.

Captain America fights off the snipers by taking the Beretta off a security guard and using during the shootout in the apartment as he is corned by the security guards who soon get pinned down by War Machine who uses a.45-caliber TRP Operator Springfield Armory 1911 with an accessory rail, full length barrel and stainless muzzle, raised target sights, front slide serrations, ambidextrous safety, target three-hole ring trigger and skeletonized hammer from a Russian thug who is soon knocked out by Scarlet Witch who uses a West German SIG-Sauer P226 to shoot at three more Russian thugs and then uses her powers to control the West German SIG-Sauer P226 to fire at the Russians one by one with Quicksilver who tosses a smoke grenade to kill the Russians and then gets into a fight with a sniper.

Captain America is still corned by the security guards as he grabs a Beretta 92FS pistol as he holds on to it while taking fire as he sees one security guard and shoots him in the arm unil he gets punched by the other security guards as the lights are off as the security guards are shot and dispatched by J.A.R.V.I.S who is out of the hospital and throws a wrench into the final police officer as Captain America shoots at the sniper who is about to run to the elevator as he runs towards him and starts to fight him with the Beretta 92FS as the sniper kicks him out of the elevator and runs to a police car and drives off as Captain America sees a Dodge Charger and drives it out of the car park by taking aim with his Beretta 92FS as he fires at the police car during the car chase which has explosions behind the cars as the sniper gets out a Glock 17 to fire at the Dodge charger to crash into British Airways.

Quicksilver punches the sniper and runs fast to kill Killer Croc and the Joker who punches him and then captures him by taking him to Istanbul as Black Widow goes to Istanbul in disguise as a photographer.

A guard is holding a grudge against Black Widow who backflips on him fellowed by holding a strap from the assault rifle to strangle him twice and then headbutts him to the ground.

Hawkeye shoots and fights Harley Quinn who kicks him in the chest and starts to attack him but he sliently chokes her to death and shoots at a few soldiers left who shoot back at him.

Black Widow using a flamethrower to kill the snipers while heading off to save Quicksilver who soon under mind control by The Joker who controls him to kill Black Widow who fights him in battle.

Iron Man gets punched by Deadshot who gets a bit of help from Bane who is shot by Falcon while Deathstroke is in a fight with Bruce Banner who doesn't use the Hulk for the first time as Deathstroke uses his sword to stab Bruce who kicks him to the wall and starts to grab his rifle and shoots at him in the shoulder and a fight between the two men begin.

Quicksilver tells Black Widow that he was pretending to save the world and throws her away and takes her to Gotham City where Black Mask is.

Captain America drives through a crowd of passengers in British Airways and sees the sniper going into the airplane.

Deathstroke fights Bruce who soon unleashed the beast withen him as the Hulk who throws him to the window and fights him in slow motion.

Deathstroke punches Hulk and leaves in a Dodge Charger.

J.A.R.V.I.S begins to blow up a group of soldiers while pressing the button on his time watch to time himself throwing explosives everywhere and then trigger the explosives to explode with the soldiers who try to find him but they are soon knocked down by War Machine who holds a baton.

Black Widow kicks Black Mask down and then holds up a pistol to aim at a group of ninjas who begin to fight her for the first time.

The elevator goes down as Thor goes in and holds his hammer to the side and presses the button for the elevator to go up as he gets out of the elevator and fights off the henchman with his hammer fellowed by holding an assault rifle to fire at each henchman and then fights them off with his hammer and heads in the penthouse as he sees the Ginger Ninja who is quite skilled with weapons and magic as he uses his mind to shatter the glass to break as he sees Thor who starts to pick up a shotgun to shoot the chandelier down to fall on the Ginger Ninja who rolls over from the chandelier and begins to fight Thor who struggles to get his hammer but the Ginger Ninja begins to beat him up.

Deathstroke drives off to London as Hulk goes after him but he is taken by Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch who has also been involved with Ginger Ninja as Scarlet Witch starts to mess around with his mind and controls him to smash everything.

Captain America drives to the airplane as he rams the Dodge charger into the plane hangar and starts to get out his shield but it gets taken by the shapeshifter who runs off as the sniper shoots at the Dodge charger which drives into him and then sees the shapeshifter who is about to airdrop in a Lamborghini as Captain America remembers what Bruce told him and takes a bit of a breathe and drives out of the airplane as it backflips in the air as he jumps out of it and starts to fight the shapeshifter.

Black Widow kills all of the ninjas and leaves Gotham City in the Batmobile.

Iron Man is punched by Deadshot who is shot by J.A.R.V.I.S and then blasted by Iron Man who is in his hulkbuster suit and joins War Machine to take down the bad guys with everything they got.

War Machine sees the ninjas and manages to throw Iron Man who blast at them with his repulors.

The ninjas surround Falcon who is saved by Black Widow who is in the Batmobile as she fires at the ninjas who soon get killed by War Machine.

The shapeshifter uses Captain America's shield against Captain America who kicks the shapeshifter off the Lamborghini and fights him off with the shield by taking the shapeshifter down with his shield and bashes him in the Lamborghini which crashes down into a skyscraper and the fight continues between them as the skyscraper explodes leading to The shapeshifter fighting with Captain America who has his shield broken in half and starts to fight the shapeshifter who fights back against him in hand to hand combat.

Ginger Ninja begins to fight Thor who backflips him to the window and the fight continues with Ginger Ninja using his magic powers to attack Thor who hides behind the wall and sees the hammer on the ground and tries to get it but he gets punched in the arm by a Ninja who uses his hammer to hit Thor who gets thrown out of the penthouse and is then put in a headlock in the elevator with the Ninja strangling him but he nudges him to the buttons to stop the elevator and they continue fighting each other as Quicksilver arrives to help the Ninja out to kill Thor who fights Quicksilver off and then gives the Ninja a headbutt to the ground and opens the elevator doors and jumps out of the elevator and gives Quicksilver a flying punch to the face while fighting him in a fistfight as Vision arrives with J.A.R.V.I.S to fight Quicksilver who is impaled by Thor who uses a knife.

The shapeshifter punches Captain America who kills him with his bare hands and then fights the henchman off one by one.

Ginger Ninja begins his evil plan to take over the world as he gets taken down by Iron Man,War Machine, J.A.R.V.I.S,Vision,Black Widow,Hawkeye and Falcon who get ambushed by the ninjas as Ginger Ninja escapes in a helicopter as Captain America notices that Ginger Ninja has left in a helicopter as Hulk has gone crazy until Iron Man calms him down as for the first time ever they are all suiting up including Iron Man himself who is a billonare/playboy and the whole thing of him being a black op sniper was fake as he throws the sniper rifle to Ant Man who uses it to shoot at the helicopters while Iron Man gives his suit to Pepper Potts who is back from the dead and uses it to blast at the helicopters with Ant Man who commands dozens of ants to attack the henchman with Falcon,War Machine, Black Widow, Hawkeye,Vision and J.A.R.V.I.S switch vehicles in order to avoid explosions.

Hulk finds a drone and throws Thor who uses his hammer to destory the drone in half and then drives the Merdeces Benz to find Jane Forster who is in a parking lot as he drives the Merdeces into the bike that Jimmy Caterpillar holds a musket to fire the Merdeces to the car which crashes backwards as he knows who Thor is and begins to fight him with a wrench.

Jimmy hits Thor and takes Jane away by driving off to the golden gate bridge as Jane is screaming for help as Thor is bruised up and notices that he doesn't have his hammr with him and begins to beat up a guy and soon confronted him but he runs off as Thor has no choice but he throws a knife to stab the guy while he kills several of Jimmy's men and takes one of their factory black Beretta 92FS pistols, which he uses to shoot at one of them and knows that Jane is with Jimmy as Thor started to infiltrate the party until one of Jimmy's men carries a stainless Taurus Millennium Pro PT145 while on the boat, which he aims at Thor by taking him out of the party but Captain America nudges the guards and henchman to the ground while Jimmy gives his henchman the pistol to aim at Jane who manages to knock out the henchman and tries to get out of the SUV which leads to Thor and Captain America arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge as Captain America uses a Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat to fire at the henchman who open the doors of the SUV by using Machine gun turrents to fire at Captain America who shoots at the first henchman.

The second henchman begins to jump on the tank as Thor pulls out a .45-caliber TRP Operator Springfield Armory 1911 with an accessory rail, full length barrel and stainless muzzle, raised target sights, front slide serrations, ambidextrous safety, target three-hole ring trigger and skeletonized hammer from a Russian thug and uses it to fire at the second henchman who fights him.

Black Widow punches the henchman and takes his Benelli M3 Super 90 Entry shotgun and throws it over to Hawkeye to use to shoot at the henchman who shoot back in slow motion.

Thor kicks the second henchman to the ground and then fights him off in combat.

Jimmy pulls out a Winchester Model 1892 rifle to fire at the tank as it flips over to crash two cars to explode leaving the tank to continue firing at the SUV as Jimmy gets out his mum's customized CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom to shoot at the tank as Thor uses a dagger to stab the henchman and then throws him on top of the ripsaw which explodes as Ant Man arrives with his army of ants to attack the henchman while Jane tries to get out of the SUV as Jimmy holds onto her.

Thor is not only the god of thunder but he is a qualified expert with the M2 Browning .50 cal heavy machine gun, all Warsaw Pact heavy machine guns, M-16, and the M-1911A1 auto pistol as hecarries two custom Glock 21 pistols fitted withsuppressors, threaded barrels and detachable magazine housings, built from parts of the TDI Vector as he puts behind his cape and fights the henchman who are shot by Captain America as Jimmy tries to shoot at Captain America who fires a suppressed SCAR-L CQC from the back of a BMW which leads to Thor to find Jimmy who drives down to the highway but he aims one of his Glocks at the SUV which drives away from the gunshots as Thor shoots at the wheels of the SUV and uses battle-kata system brass knuckles with attachments:

glock 21 & holster

combat knife

punching dagger to deal with Jimmy who fights him off with a pair of batons to hit Thor who uses his hammer to kill Jimmy and then uses the combat knife to combine with his hammer to finish off Jimmy and returns with the Avengers to take down Ginger Ninja as they figure out a plan to save the world and to work together as Tony and Steve explain the plan to the others on how they are going to stop Ginger Ninja as Thor knows that Ginger Ninja is dangerous and aggressive as they go to take down Ginger Ninja in Sokovia and for the first time ever J.A.R.V.I.S helps out Nick Fury and Maria Hill with taking down the ninjas with the Helicarrier.


Ginger Ninja questioned on how they could stop him, Iron Man replied "together". This prompts the legion of ninjas all attack the Avengers. The heroes then work in tandem and began to take down the ninjas one by one with Captain America using his shield and fighting prowess, Black Widow using her martial arts skills and taser batons, Hawkeye using his arrows and bow, Vision using his density altering powers, Scarlet Witch using her hex bolts and telekinesis, Quicksilver using his speed and friction, Thor using his hammer and lightning, Iron Man using his repulsor blasts, and Hulk using his fists as they all fought off the ninjas as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are no more bad guys and have decided to save the world with War Machine and Falcon.

The Helicarrier is under attack by a helicopter which soon crashes into the Helicarrier which is about to tear down as J.A.R.V.I.S begins to get a grenade launcher to fire at the henchman who have a fight with him for the first time.

Deathstroke and the Suicide Squad arrive to fight the Avengers as Justice League and Fantastic Four arrive to help the Avengers out as The Thing fights Solomon Grundy while Superman and Hawkeye take down the Ninjas with Mr Fantastic and Agent Coulson.

Captain America throws his shield over to Superman who uses his bare hands to throw the shield to knock out the ninjas one by one while Wonder Woman and Black Widow fight the ninjas off together as Black Widow uses Wonder Woman's rope while Wonder Woman uses the taser batons to fight the ninjas off.

Quicksilver and Flash run fast to slow down the Ninjas who get blasted by the cannon from the Batmobile which is used by Falcon and Batman.

Robin and Hulk fight the ninjas off with help from Guardians of the galaxy and Ant Man.

Green Arrow and Green Lantern arrive just in time to join Iron Man and War Machine to take down the Ninjas as Ginger Ninja is angry with this and starts to attack Iron Man by damaging his suit as Iron Man uses his repulors to blast him off the suit and a fight begins between Iron Man and Ginger Ninja.

The Helicarrier crashes down in the church were the ninjas are fighting the Avengers as Nick Fury slides out of the Helicarrier and shoots at each Ninja that comes his way.

Ginger Ninja has sent henchman to search for Quicksilver who uses a Side by Side Shotgun to shoot at the first henchman then picks up a Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center which gets knocked out of his hand by the Russians who have a fight with him for the first time.

Maria Hill throws a flamethrower to Vision who uses it to fire at the snipers while The Joker gets into a helicopter as Scarlet Witch can't get to him as Hulk turns back to Bruce Banner who drives her to get to the helicopters without getting spotted as she climbs on one of the helicopters and then uses her hex bolts to control the pliot to unleash the machine guns to fire at the second helicopter which the Joker is in.

Bane arrives and destroys the car that Bruce is in and captures him by taking him to London which soon becomes not good until Bruce turns into the Hulk and fights Bane who fights him on the highway.

The Russians begin to beat up Quicksilver as he starts to be bleeding from his face as the Russians get punched by Doctor Strange who uses his powers to take down the Russians and gets Quicksilver to get everyone out which he does as The Joker is in the helicopter and begins to fight Scarlet Witch who is soon shot in the shoulder by Jason Todd who reloads the pistols fitted with grenade launchers as The Joker punches Scarlet Witch who struggles to fight back but dies by falling down out of the helicopter as Quicksilver sees Scarlet Witch who tells him to avenge her as he gives her a tearful goodbye and begins to go after the helicopter with Batman who fights the Joker off while Quicksilver throws Jason out of the helicopter.

Sokovia gets destroyed by the Suicide Squad as Quicksilver runs fast to fight Deadshot who punches him while Scarlet Witch is bleeding from her chest as she gets held at gunpoint by Jason Todd who gets shot in the leg by Hawkeye who knocks him out and carries Scarlet Witch who is slowly losing powers as Jason gets up and runs towards Hawkeye by fighting him in a brutal fight.

Batman gets choked by Green Goblin who is kicked down by Spider Man and then punched by Green Arrow.

Iron Man punches Ginger Ninja who soon quickly dispatches him in the back and attacks him with his magic gloves to choke Iron Man who attacks him with the respulors.

Jason uses his pistols to take down Hawkeye who kicks him to the wall and they have a fistfight.

Black Widow shoots her way through the ninjas while more Ninjas arrive as they get dealt with by Thor who uses a M134 Minigun to fire at the Ninjas who use Browning M1919 revolvers to fire at Thor who shoots at the ninjas one by one and then sees a Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center which he goes to pick it up but he gets surrounded by


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