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Baldwin Collins

I for one hope so, the fans have waited long enough over the years. Actor Ron Perlman has proved that people are power, by asking fans on social media to support idea for a hellboy 3 movie, Which fans replied back in numbers. when you think of it, no franchise can survive with out they're loyal follower's.

Ron perlman and director Guillermo Del Toro has been trying to bring Hellboy back to the silverscreen in a hellboy 3 movie, for years. But according to media reports, fans had they're dreams crushed nearly a year ago when Del toro made a Statement saying.

'QUOTE. ''I don't think it will happen. creatively, i would love to make it. creatively. but it is proven almost impossible to finance. not from my side, but from the studio side. if i was a multimillionaire, i would finance it myself, but i spend all my money on rubber monsters'' END OF QUOTE.

Ron perlman has raised the hopes and dreams with a provocative photo message to fans on Instagram recently, we hope its a glimmer of a greenlight for Hellboy 3. Do you want to see a hellboy 3 ?


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