ByJohnny Martin, writer at

When casting a movie you have to consider several things...if this person looks like the character, how audiences will respond, will this be an amazing movie or just another dud? Well unfortunately these are questions that can't be answered right away because no one truly knows. However I have seen one question that I believe I have the perfect answer for, who could play the John Stewart version of Green Lantern? First things first, and please don't call me a racist, he has to be African American, there is no way around that. However he also has to be tall, physically fit, intimidating as well as approachable while still being able to work with the other members of the Justice League. I thoroughly believe that actor and martial artist Michael Jai White would be the perfect candidate for this role. He's proven throughout many of his movies that he can pull off drama, action, comedy as well as being able to kick some a** while doing it. Michael is an amazing actor, and though I may be in the minority when I say I think Ryan Reynolds was awesome as Hal Jordan, I think Mr. White would take the Green Lantern series to a whole new level of awesome.


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