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As some of you may have heard, there are rumors of both Hal Jordan and John Stewart being in the Justice League movie, so this got me thinking: Will there be two of The Flash? These are all just rumors of course, and this is just a theory, but it could be possible. Let me explain why.

Barry Allen's "Death"

Don't worry, that's Bart Allen
Don't worry, that's Bart Allen

I believe that Barry and Hal will be in the first Justice League, and that they will both be replaced in the second part. According to DC's movie schedule, Justice League Part 1 comes right before a solo Flash movie. My theory is that in the Flash solo movie, Barry Allen will be taken to the past by the Anti-Monitor and be presumed dead, and then replaced by Wally West for the second part. This would be the beginning of Crisis on Infinite Earths, one of the most popular DC comics story lines of all time, and allow for two of The Flash. Why do I think this? If John Stewart is the Green Lantern for the second part of the movie, then chances are he wouldn't be working with Barry Allen. Usually when John Stewart is apart of The Justice League, so is Wally West. Why would I base a theory on this? Because DC is pulling out all the stops, and the characters, to compete with the ever growing MCU. They want to bring us all the characters we want to see, and they've made it to where they can fit in a very popular comic story line, as well as the two most popular Green Lanterns and Flashes. This would be an all around smart move for DC, and could open up the chance for more interesting movies and characters.


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