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I am The Lord of Geeks and Nerds. I love great t.v. Shows and action packed Geeky action Movies. So prepared to be Sniped out of the Sky

There are Just some Songs that we here that we just can't get out of our head. Here are some of the Greatest most Memorable Themes of All Time.

Top 10 Theme Songs!


10. Taking Place for 10 is the Spongebob Squarepants Theme. There is just something about the late 90's T.V. show that makes this theme one catchy tune. No matter how much I think I've out grown these cartoons this song always lingers in my child hood thoughts. (scary right)

Jurassic Park

9.At number 9 with a new Movie just released is Jurassic Park. This being one tune that sounds like adventure itself. Just narrowly escaping the jaws of a T-Rex Well just play this theme song to Feel like you did something awesome. With this song playing in the back round you will always feel like action and adventure is near.

Full House

8. This was one of the greatest Family shows of its era and That saying its Full House. This being something I watched with My sister and family a lot this song was bound to get stuck in my head. Some lyrics at the time I didn't even understand,but it was still catchy. With Jesse Frederick singing this song it just felt like it would never fade.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

7. At 7 comes One of Will Smiths first appearances in Fresh Prince of Bel-air. This song sounding catchy and quite unique makes it number seven. Having a place as one of the best for its amazing lyric structure and Good humor. Gotta love this old classic!

The Dukes of Hazard

6. At 6 are just some good old boys The Dukes of Hazard. This oldy taking 6 for its plain awesome song to go with the country theme of the west. For some strange reason its slow country makes this perfect for the opening of this classic show and will always be playing some where in your head.

Sesame Street

5. Going back to the childhood favorite known as big bird. Come on everybody loved the sesame street theme. Etched in our child hood forever with a big yellow bird and many other great characters this comes for it's classy show and song.

The muppets

4.The muppets ah another great show from childhood. This saying is another great classic theme to remember when watching the new movies. You will always here some where when your older "It's time to play the music". This is taking place because of the memorable tune it gives that will go on for generations.

Mission Impossible

3. At perhaps the most overplayed theme song and ripped off theme is Mission Impossible. With all the amazing thing that movie brought us this was the best of it. This theme isn't even that old yet everybody knows what it is. As long as the franchise keeps this theme it is sure to keep selling.

Doctor Who

2. Introduced to me by my British friend comes Doctor Who. Taking Second do to the fact of its amazing sci-fi Tune that swept across nations. It will always be remembered in my heart especially when in a police box. Thus this song will take second in my heart.

Pokemon: Indigo League

1. Growing up as a 90's Kid brings one thing to my heart and that's Pokemon. The original starting it all With Jason Paige Singing "I wanna be the very best" It never got old. This song bring inspiration for anyone who wants to be the best. No matter what hard situation I am in this has got to be the song to save the day. Taking its rightful place as number one.


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