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Well folks the rumor mill has been stirring....and well I just picked one out of the pot. This one was exclusively given to me by an inside source that shall remain unnamed. This one is a doozy people and here it is....

There is rumored to be a 'Sons of Anarchy' spin-off coming to TV in the near future. Now remember this is strictly speculation and rumor, this has no merit whatsoever. So take it for what it is people. That being said, the premises of the show goes likes this....

Things have gone down hill for 'Sons' since the recent death of Jax and Bobby and with only a few original members left to run the club. Needless to say, Chibs and Tig are having an extremely difficult time coping with the loss of their fellow brothers. Chibs decides to drown his sorrows with a half gallon of Jameson on a daily basis. Mind you Chibs was left in charge by Jax before his timely demise. So as you can guess, it's not a good look for the leader to be getting hammered all day everyday. At first Tig tries to talk some sense into Chibs, but it creates conflict between the two. Chibs' new found thirst has also been creating problems in his relationship with Sheriff Althea. It's fair to say that Ms. Althea isn't a fan of the constant late night homecomings that has been occurring. As well as the amount of time he spends at the club house and their porn studio. Most of all, she is sexually frustrated that Chibs isn't quite fond of doing the dirty deed with the good sheriff as much as he use to be. He tries to blame the liquor for his lack of performance, but Althea has different suspicions.

Meanwhile, Tig is still with his true love Venus, played by the talented Walter Goggins. Venus seems to be the only thing that is keeping Tig from going off the deep end. Venus has mentioned several times that she wants to be a Mother and adopt a baby. Venus also hopes this may give Tig a reason to live more responsible. Tig of course is opposed to the idea and in return this causes friction in their relationship. To make matters worst, most of the club is filled with prospects who basically became members within a very short period of time due to the scarcity of bikers left in the club. Unfortunately, these new "members" did not receive the proper training and guidance due to the desperation of the club. It's also apparent that the club is losing the direction they use to have. Due to the lack of brains and power with the loss of Bobby and Jax. Which in return, has had a detrimental affect on the club.

Their cash flow is not what it use to be. The death of Jax has made it difficult to keep the ties with most of their alliances. Their gun connections have moved on to other organizations and the drug dealing business has never been their thing. Right now the Son's only source of income is their porn business. Their massage parlor, Diosa, was never able to get to back to where it was after the bloody massacre that happened in season seven. Which leaves them with very few options for income. The "bike shop" doesn't really count either, I mean let's just be honest.

The Biker's decide that the porn business needs to generate more by having the porn stars indulging in more graphic services. Such as, snuff films and other grotesque things. The porn actors start to abide to this, but eventually it gets to much and they decide they've had enough and quit. The club ends up giving half of their share to the Mayans who completely run the business now. With the money they receive they continue to fuel their habits with meth, cheap liquor and smokes.

One night after hard partying fueled with liquor and meth. Chibs and Tig decide to go for a drag race after bragging who could ride their bikes faster. So around 3 Am they go out and have themselves a drag race. They ended up getting pulled over by the Sheriffs, including Althea. Althea has found out that Chibs has been cheating on her with the porn stars. So in retaliation she gives Chibs and Tig both DWI's. Well the entire club shows up to see what the hell has happened, which in return they all are arrested and served DWI's as well. With what little money they have left over from Diosa, they all end up buying mopeds. As if the Son's weren't a laughing stock already, they have upped the ante on their very low credibility. They can't perform robberies due to the speed of their mopeds, nor do they intimidate anyone. Their badges are stripped and replaced with Keystone Beer patches.

The lovely Venus has finally decided that Tig is not going to change and discovers that he has been dipping into her funds. So she decides to leave Tig. This breaks him to the point where he does something extremely harmful to himself and others. Tig isn't the only one dealing with heart-break, as the good sheriff has also cut ties with Chibs and left him to dry.

At this point, members are fighting over Doritos bags, smokes, and that last drop of vodka. The club house is now desolate and sad with oders of urine, burnt butter, and hot mayonnaise. Most of the members have acne now due to the meth and are often arrested for stealing honey buns. Some have resorted to even drinking their own pee in hopes to catch a buzz from the meth that is still in their system......

Will the club ever be able recover and get back to where they use to be? Or will things just continue to get worst?

Guess we will just have to wait and see......


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