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Baldwin Collins

Many james bond fans like myself, remember the late Harold sakata born on this day. Toshiycki Harold sakata born july 1, 1920 was an american olympic weight lifter , professional wrestler, and film/tv actor. a silver medal winner for the united states at the 1948 summer olympic games in london, England long before being discovered by the bond producers.

Was born in Holualoa, Hawaii of japanese descent. popularly remembered the world over as character oddjob bodyguard and Henchman to bond Villain Auric Goldfinger in 'Goldfinger ' (1964) The scene from the movie, which bond fans consider a master piece in film making, is the Bowler hat, a iconic weapon with it's steel-brim, used to decapitate the statue at stoke poges Golf club and also killing tilly masterson played by ( Tania mallet)

Sakata had appeared in many t v shows and films plus t v commercial's parody in parody style, he died in his hometown and country Hawaii july 29, 1982. The late harold sakata remembered R.I.P


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