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John Gardiner

Chris Pine is rumored to be a new Green Lantern, but not Hal Jordan. Rumor is he's playing Guy Gardner. I'm a big fan of Chris Pine, even in bad movies, he's still charming and a lot of fun. The Guy Gardner character is a hero, but he's an annoying a-hole. Pine just isn't annoying enough to be Guy Gardner. He should be Hal Jordan.

Tyreese Gibson is rumored to be playing John Stewart Green Lantern. Again poor choice. Every role Tyreese has he plays the same person, loud, obnoxious yet likable. Tyreese is perfect for Guy Gardiner, not John Stewart. The John Stewart character is a U.S. Marine, an architect and he takes his role as GL seriously.

I'm good with Chris Pine as Hal Jordan, and Tyreese as Guy Gardner. So who would be a good fit as the John Stewart character? I would love to see Idris Elba but that wont happen. Eamonn Walker and Lennie James both would be good choices but not what Warner Bros. are looking to do. Fans of the TV show Arrow are screaming for David Ramsey, who plays the character John Diggle, to become Green Lantern. He's a very good choice to be John Stewart, but again that wont happen.

Warner Bros. doesn't have a great track record for casting DC characters. In fact one might call them the Anti-Marvel/Disney of casting. Its only a matter of time til we find out who is Green Lantern, word around the campfire is that Warner Bros. wants all the actors signed and present for Comic-Con later this month.


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