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What's Next Films have released a full trailer for their upcoming slasher feature Braxton. The first slasher movie ever to be produced in Northern Ireland, Braxton is described as a fun throwback to slashers such as Scream and My Bloody Valentine. The film features a sprawling ensemble cast including Shaun Blaney (Halo: Nightfall) and Diona Doherty (Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model). It is the feature debut of 20 year-old writer/director Leo McGuigan, who co-produced alongside Margaret McGoldrick.

Every town has a devil. For the small community of Braxton, that devil is Tommy Miller. A bullied and tormented teen who finally snapped, killing his friends and family at the annual Braxton town hall party, Miller escaped into the woods, never to be seen or heard from again. Until now. Ten years later, a group of fresh-faced young teens find themselves targeted by a masked man in a hooded cloak. It’s up to Detective Ryan Fenton and his fish-out-of-water partner to protect the town from Miller’s clutches; there’s just one issue — Ryan himself is a survivor of the original massacre. Is Miller opening up a new chapter, or has he returned to attend to some unfinished business?

Braxton is expected to play festivals and seek distribution through 2015. Check out the new trailer below. More info on Braxton can be found at


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