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As the pressure of Secret Wars begins to show, we are seeing that Hickman refuses to back down from what he is trying to accomplish. It's very difficult to imagine that years and years of planning could end up so amazing, but yet it does. He has again found a way to incorporate a number of different storylines into one issue and still find a way to make it exciting. But, the true majesty of this issue again lies in the character of God Doom and his ego and insecurities. Last issue, we really got into his head and discovered that even though he has all this power, he still sees himself as weak and refuses to forgive himself for his many failures. But now, in this issue, we discover alot more about him as we see that not only does he feel he is weak, but he has a number of insecurities about how others look at him. He truly will never live up to the name of Reed Richards, and deep in his heart he accepts this his defeat is coming, but he refuses to accept it.

After three months of set-up, Hickman finally gets into the meat of the action as the Cabal and the Thors come head-to-head. Plus, we finally learn more about how Battleworld was created. Now, even though this issue was incredible in how it was shown and displayed, it was still not perfect. Some inks and drawings seemed off center and some of the dialogue was again strange for the characters speaking. But, the true main character of this issue was Doom, who showed just how human he truly is, even with his God-like powers. The core of Secret Wars is the struggles of Doctor Doom. And even though Doctor Doom is a god in this series, he’s never been more human because all he’s struggling with is fear and insecurity. This shows in the incredible final page of this issue that set the stage for the main plot that will drive Secret Wars forward. Yes, we have fights in this issue. Yes, we have many deaths in this issue also that will upset a number of dire fans. But, with all epics that Marvel produces, we have moments where we need to be shocked. That is what makes an epic. It worked in Civil War and it worked here.The final few pages will show where this storyline is going in the final 4 parts and possibly where Marvel is going once it comes to an end. Another outstanding issue and I give it a 9 out of 10. Still standing out as one of the greatest Marvel storylines of all time.


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