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Ah, Independence Day. The day where we as Americans congregate and celebrate how as a nation we became independent from British rule by engaging in the yearly rituals of detonating fireworks, having a barbecue, or having to sit through another one of grandpa's tales of survival in the jungles of Vietnam or fighting off the Germans in WW2.

Whatever the means of celebration is used, there can be no question that among the threshold of red, white, and blue banter, there are superheroes whose depictions of patriotic feats of valor reflect the true nature of what it is to iconicize an American hero, especially around Independence Day!

That being said, it's with utmost pleasure that I give to you, my personal top 5 patriotic superheroes, and you're more than welcome to agree or disagree with me or not, because quite frankly, I respect one's opinion on such a stance as this.

5. Captain America

When one thinks of pure American badassery, a slew of words come to association and definition. Strong. Courageous. The First Avenger.

The man I am referring to is none other than Captain America himself, Steve Rogers.

Since his first foray into enemy lines and Marvel Comics, The Cap himself withstood the test of time as a worthy hero by emerging from the Super Soldier program, and successfully contending with Hydra, the Red Skull, Dr. Doom, the Winter Soldier....(You can see where I'm going with this, right?)

Spandex and shields aside, no matter how many bullets and bombs Cap endures, he remains not only the posterboy for super soldiers, but simultaneously, he's a quintessential man among men, and a hero among legends.

4. Colonel Nick Fury

Solid Snake + David Hasselhoff = This guy.
Solid Snake + David Hasselhoff = This guy.

As the head honcho of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the leader of the WW2 United States team known only as the Howling Commandos, Nick Fury is a force to be reckoned with. This guy's about as tough as brass. I mean, this man went mano-a-mano with Der Fuhrer himself, formed the Avengers, and despite being portrayed by both the Hoff and Samuel L. Jackson, I can state unequivocally that he's got a resume even ODIN would approve of. All in all, he's beaten Nazis, Vietcong, Russians, the Red Skull, and that alone says what kind of a hero he is.

3. Sgt. Frank Rock

This guy exudes 'Murican Firepower.
This guy exudes 'Murican Firepower.

Imagine for a minute what would Captain America look like if he didn't wear a Star-Spangled spandex uniform, and simply donned some G.I. fatigues, picked up a Tommy gun, (and with an face that can scare any sane man to death just from looking at him!)

The man in question needs no further explanation, ladies and gentlemen.

Sgt. Frank Rock is the kind of American War Hero that looks like he can make G.I. Joe look like the U.S. Marine Corps' wet dream.

With a Thompson SMG in one hand delivering a shattering burst of bullets towards the Germans, a grenade in the other, and a wisecrack for any and every occasion, and an image that will never die, it's no secret as to why the good Sarge deserves an honorable mention.

2. Frank Castle "The Punisher"

After America entered the Vietnam War during the Sixties and Seventies, the true horrors of jungle warfare were magnified tenfold from the battle with the Vietcong.

Every baddie needs a hero to fight, and the perfect match for the Vietnamese was none other than Frank Castle himself.

After Frank served his country, he settled into what he believed to be the ideal post-war lifestyle. Building a family with his wife and kids, finding a nice home in the suburbs of New York, and hopefully putting aside his blood-stained past in 'Nam.

Of course, just when Frank thought life couldn't get any sweeter, fate screwed him over. His family was having a picnic in a park one day and happened to have been in the neighborhood of a local whack dealt by the Mob.

Fearing any witnesses, Castle's family were blown away in a hail of bullets. From that moment on, Frank vowed to take the fight to crime and anywhere he deemed worthy of 'punishment'.

Using his training and equipment from his days as a serviceman in the Vietnam War, The Punisher immediately left a trail of carnage dealing with not only military factions, but as well as the kind of criminals even Batman would have to contend with.

Looks like you've become the king of the concrete jungle, eh Punisher?

And last but not least...

1. Conrad "Duke" Hauser

Topping off the list of Patriotic comic heroes would be none other than the prime vanguard of the Joes' himeslf, Conrad "Duke" Hauser.

When G.I. Joe was gaining momentum as a brand worth notice, nine times out of ten Duke was usually the first soldier to pop into a fan's mind.

He's been everywhere: Comics, TV shows, movies, games, cards, you name it, and it takes a very specific fictional soldier to embody such an archetypal American warrior.

If you guys agree, then good for you. If not, comment below as to who you think SHOULD make the list!


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