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watch movies, eat burritos: repeat. (Nic Cage 2016)
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Nicolas Cage has certainly made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Whether you love him, hate him, or can't stand his acting but feel uncontrollably attracted to his aura of raw sexuality, the Cage has managed to captivate the world with his thoroughly expansive and unique filmography. In fact, it's quite possible the actor chooses his projects at the whim of a coin toss (little does he know it's a rare two-headed coin that only allows him to say YES). However, in spite of his eclectic career choices, we can always count on Saint Nic to bring shouting, passion, and a sense of urgency within even the most mundane situations. In honor of Cage's latest film feat, The Runner, let's take a look at the film moments that truly capture the lovably deranged essence of Nicolas Cage:

10. Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

"I've got the hair, I've got the teeth, I've got the eyes..."

Coming to existence during the initial spark of Cage's career, Peggy Sue set the precedent for everything we would come to expect from the beloved madman: his bizarre voice change and subtle creepiness being characteristics that would no longer surprise his audience and even, in some cases, entice them. This scene in particular allowed him to turn his intensity on full throttle and give us a taste of his typical zero-to-ten energy.

9. National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)


The National Treasure franchise was a godsend for Cage. Surely he was a Ben Gates-esque adventurer in his past life, creating an instant attraction to the project. While the entire plot of the film feels like a strange and exciting glimpse into the mind of Cage, it is this scene that showcases that extra 'Cagey' flair we have all come to know. With a heavy load of yelling and a fast-paced (undoubtedly improvised) interaction with a security guard, this moment shows us exactly what his acting style embodies.

8. Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

"Then what? I'll be arrested? Put in AIRPORT JAIL?"

Honeymoon in Vegas is a film most choose to forget they ever saw. Nevertheless, it features moments of classic Cage behavior that deserve notice. The pairing of the gentle and sluggish Ben Stein and the hot-headed Nicolas Cage sparks hilarity - the combination is a flawless formula for entertainment. If Cage's eye-twitching meltdown isn't enough to hook a viewer, just take a closer look at his timeless ensemble (the pants certainly an influence for Spike Jonze's Her).

7. Ghost Rider (2007)


Despite all worldly differences, there is one notion no man can dispute: Ghost Rider is the living representation of Nicolas Cage's soul. Though few words are actually spoken in this scene, enough is said to last a lifetime. Nic has taught us that communication is possible simply through deep, animalistic bellowing and the occasional bout of maniacal laughter. If it wasn't clear don't want to make The Cage angry, but you'll LOVE him when's he's angry.

6. Con Air (1997)

"Why couldn't you put the bunny back in the box?"

With such a delightfully punny title as Con Air, it can be speculated that the characters are just as absurd as the plot: Nicolas Cage is the perfect man for the job. Though his hair is undeniably the scene-stealer (the Conair beauty products must have been titled for Cage's luscious locks), the actor's use of intensity is impossible to ignore. As the old proverb states: "Any day spent watching Nicolas Cage kill over the emotional significance of a stuffed bunny is a good day."

5. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

"This old woman's gonna run out of air"

Imagine Nic receiving a call from his agent and processing the fact that he has just been offered the opportunity to play a corrupt, drug-addicted, utterly psychotic excuse for a detective. The bliss radiating from his face. One can only assume he used that deep-seated excitement as a driving force for this scene. It even includes some of Cage's favorite pastimes: sulking behind doors and interrogating elderly women with an eagerness reserved only for such occasions.

4. Vampire's Kiss (1988)

"I've become a vampire. Oh God."

Vampire's Kiss is most notable for a still of a bug-eyed Cage (with fierce brows and a lethal smile) that has become a looming presence throughout the internet and social media platforms. However, few young adults have actually taken the time to peer into the glory of the film. Though the scene featuring this notoriously crazed looking Cage exerted the most valiant of efforts, it is the moment above that sets the tone for the rest of the film and perfectly captures the methodical ridiculousness of the actor.

3. Deadfall (1993)

"Vive la fucking France!"

Kelly Clarkson's ballad "A Moment Like This" was surely inspired upon viewing this fantastically outrageous scene of genuine distraught. There is a theory that Cage spent 8 grueling months studying a very profane toddler in order to prepare himself emotionally for this performance. This scene in particular, and the film in its entirety, encompasses the low-budget, nonsensical Mr. Cage that we must attempt to immortalize in this advanced and trying time of 21st century film.

2. Face/Off (1997)


One should feel invigorated after regarding a moment of such pure and utter Cage spirit. His fire within is enough to get anyone burning up. Little can be said about this scene, as Nic's actions can speak for themselves; but that can't stop us from praying for the reunion of Cage and Travolta. Though no man can match Cage's delirious yet endearing attributes, Travolta puts up a damn good fight.

1. The Wicker Man (2006)


This remake of the 1973 classic was the movie no one knew they needed. It was both the downfall and the pinnacle of Nicolas Cage's career. The task of choosing a single moment of Cage-driven beauty from the film was deemed hopeless, so enjoy this culmination of the film's "Cagiest" scenes (each exemplifying standard qualities of the actor). Challenge yourself not to find pleasure in watching Nic pounce at villagers out of frustration, parade the forest in a bear suit, and decide violent screaming is the best way to repel bees.

You. Will. Lose.


Love him or hate him, has Nicolas Cage made his mark on Hollywood?

Nic's extensive and rapidly growing career is chock-full of gems that should be recognized. Share your favorite and lesser-known Nic Cage film moments below!


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