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So this is the next big Pixar movie. Well to me this movie shouldn't be all the talk. Let m get my point across first. This is not the Next Finding Nemo or Cars, but its not a bad movie. Starting with the fact that Happiness is the bad guy. Why would you make joy seem so bad. This is one thing I don't approve of. In doing this they made sadness good which in this case as a kid movie I don't think its right. Saying Depression is happiness and Happiness is evil Good Message Pixar. This being why it is named Vice-Versa before official release.

Another thought to put out to you is it shows a girl in great Depression and yelling and screaming at her parents. Once again pointing out that I don't think its good for children to watch someone yell at her parents. In the movie it shows her yell at her dad and in the next thing everything was OK with dad and that's not how life really is. This Movie shows emotions at work showing change in life as the character moves to a different state. The thing about showing these emotions is it shows that some of these are OK to express but in the movie it expresses them in a bad way Yelling at your best friend and not wanting to talk to them and showing sass towards parents. Thus not being the best message. This movie is not like the other Pixar movies it doesn't have an adventure of the physical but of mental which is strange turn and a risky one as I might say. This movie isn't bad but it might not be the best for kids.

On the Bright Side

On the Bright Side

This movie Isn't all bad besides it's predictability. In the movie it shows change is scary which it can be and emotions are expressed in different way (some which aren't good). Thus also showing the pain the character goes through. This movie shows great expression of happiness and sadness through out the movie and I believe that's great and shows what the character is feeling and thus making a good story. Another thing to obviously show is the thought Pixar put in the movie is there amazing Polished animation threw out this feature which we all have come to love so much. Though this movie is not the best for Kids I do suggest you watch it and tell me what you think.


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