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Most memorable heroes that you keep hearing are Batman , Spider-man, Hulk , Superman , Wolverine and Deadpool..... What you might not know is that the two most memorable MARVEL Comic Badasses are in fact, Canadian. Such as:

Yes, the Immortal Adamantine Mutant, Wolverine is in fact; Canadian. He was born in Alberta, Canada sometime between 1886-1897, what is cool about "Wolvie" is that he was born a rich kid named James Howlett, and laater took the name of his groundskeeper Logan.

There is also the other Weapon X mutant:

The Undead Merc with a Mouth, DEADPOOL!!! There's nothing much to say about Wade Wilson's history but his mom did die of Cacer and his dad abused him so maybe his dad would hit him with chimy-changas?

Other Canadians who happen to be Canadian are:


Erik Lensheer (Earth-1610)

Are there any other superheros that i could've missed if so leave a comment.


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