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Alright, we all knew that this show was coming, and I felt duty bound to check out the premiere episode and let you lovely few who read my garbage know what I thought of it. So, here it is, MTV’s Scream TV Series.

What starts as a YouTube video going viral soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town’s troubled past.

So, a different town, a different cast of “teenagers” ripe for the murdering, and a different *gasp* Ghostface MASK! This review is going to be on my initial impressions, and the first episode as a whole. I’ve been a fan of the Scream series since my early foray into horror and this was one of those things that could have gone either way. Though, I’m disappointed it went more towards the Hemlock Grove and From Dusk Til Dawn levels of disappointment instead of the Hannibal levels of surprise. Which is an unfortunate way to start things off.

This episode was directed by Jamie Travis, who has a selection of TV credits under his belt, and the film For A Good Time Call… whatever the hell that is. It also has 5 (yes, 5) writers in charge, mostly from TV shows like Criminal Minds and The Flash. So, now you know who was responsible, and you’ll notice a lack of the name Wes Craven in that list, because I imagine he couldn’t possibly give a shit.

It also stars your typical cast of MTV hunks and babes, including The Killing‘s Bex Taylor-Klaus, Sharknado‘s Connor Weil, and The Duff’s Bella Thorne (who people are apparently excited about.) The lot of them are so plain, with the exception of Taylor-Klaus who plays a lesbian, outed by the first (and ONLY) victim’s of Ghostface’s vengeance in this episode. Her performance is fine, and she’s at least got a bit of depth to her beyond “I’m a mean awful person” or “I’m trying to fit in with mean awful people”. So that’s at least alright.

There is, of course, the meta character to replace Jamie Kennedy from the original trilogy, and I’m sure he is meant as homage but really only comes off as hugely annoying. He spends much of his screen time talking about the ways in which a “slasher movie could never work as a tv series” (Ha. Fucking. Ha. Get it?). He also has his “the rules” scene which is a big yawn. He also spends the entire end of the episode explaining why there is no body count to the episode, because on tv “you have to care about all the other things going on” and so on, and so on. He voices all the reasons I disliked the show, and then tells me how I’m supposed to feel about them My response being “fuck. you.”

The first scene does try to recreate the beginning of Scream, but in a way that reminds us that THIS AIN’T THE 90S ANYMORE BRO! THIS IS MTV 2015! We open with a couple being filmed making out in a car, and that video spreading through the internet. Apparently this is the outing of our gay character, because teenagers are terrible or whatever. Then our first victim, and her boyfriend are murdered (and are the only ones who are by the way). Though, this time around, we have texts and Snapchats instead of phone calls, so…hooray or whatever.

There’s also a back story about a deformed kid who murdered a bunch of students over a girl… blah blah. It’s basically the Sidney’s Mom story from Scream, but about bullying and whatever. It’s probably not going to amount to much.

Honestly, the show starts off with such a whimper, and I had a really hard time getting excited about it. It all feels so mild and benign, everything is almost too clean. It really just has too much blood to be a WB show, so it’s on this network. I’m not going to be following it, and if you like it and follow it, well bully for you.


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