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Note: This is Part Three to DC/Marvel vs. Thanos. If you would like to read the first two parts or missed a part, you can find them on Moviepilot. Also, there will be a Part Four as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy!

Part Two Recap:

Daredevil, Moon Knight, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Wong, Nightwing, Green Lantern, Nick Fury, Agent Skye/Daisy Johnson/Quake, Agent May, Mac, Lincoln, War Machine, Crystal, Gamora, and Black Widow are dead. At the end of Part Two, Superman, Shazam, Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster, Hulk, Red Hulk, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Adam Warlock, Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Flash, Cloak, Dagger, Lockjaw, Ghost Rider, and Wonder Woman went to battle Thanos together, while Captain America along with the other Marvel and DC heroes worked on another part of the plan to destroy Thanos. Then, at the end of Part Two, Thanos used the Infinity Stones to make an example of what will happen to everyone, by killing Green Lantern.

The story begins:

(We start by following Captain America and the other heroes.)

"They're gone," said Spider-Man.

"What do we do now," asked Triton.

"Stop talking and follow me," answered Star-Lord, already running.

"Where are we going, Star-Lord," asked Steve Rogers/Captain America.

"To my ship, The Milano," replied Star-Lord.

All of the different heroes ran to The Milano, wondering what Star-Lord was doing.

"Rocket, fire up the engines," Peter Quill/Star-Lord told Rocket Raccoon.

"Gamora, pilot the ship," Star-Lord called out.

"And what the hell are you going to be doing," asked Rocket.

"I'm following the plan," replied Star-Lord.

"And what exactly is that plan," asked Spider-Man.

"You'll find out soon enough," Star-Lord answered, while The Milano was starting to take off.

New Scene:

(Meanwhile, Iron Man, Superman, and the other heroes not with Star-Lord were busy fighting Thanos, still trying to take him down but to no avail.)

Thanos laughed as he grabbed Superman and threw him into Shazam. Iron Man shot his unibeam straight at Thanos, but Thanos hardly felt it. The Flash once again started making a funnel around Thanos, only for Thanos to fly out of the funnel and shoot at The Flash.The Flash quickly ran away to get away from Thanos' attempts to kill him.

"Why do you continue to fight," asked Thanos. "You must all know by now that you cannot stop me. Even with Adam Warlock wielding the Soul stone, you will not defeat me. It is impossible."

The Flash ran towards Thanos and said, "I thought a twelve year old kid turning into and adult was impossible, yet it happened."

The Hulk did a thunderclap so large and powerful that it did the same amount of damage as Black Bolt's whisper.

"HULK SMASH!!!!!!" Hulk roared, as he ran towards Thanos.

Thanos pounded Hulk and threw him into the ocean. Wonder Woman ran towards Thanos. Thanos tried to shoot Wonder Woman with energy from the power stone, but Wonder Woman deflected them with her cuffs.

"What mortal contraption is able to defend against the power gem," asked Thanos, becoming more and more amazed at the mortals' power.

"This is not a mortal contraption," replied Wonder Woman. "This is a contraption of gods!"

"Finally, someone who understands the power of gods," yelled Thor, while flying towards Thanos ready to bring down the might of Mjolinir upon him.

Wonder Woman and Thor both hit Thanos hard, using 'the power of the gods'. Thanos is once again amazed at how these many heroes could continue to defy him, even in the face of their demise.

Adam Warlock pounded Thanos. Thanos reeled back from the hard blow, beginning to worry that he would not be able to win for Lady Death.

New Scene:

(Star-Lord and the other heroes not currently fighting Thanos are about to continue with the plan, and are contacting Doctor Strange now.)

"Strange," Star-Lord called out over the comlink, "we're on our way."

"Good," replied Doctor Strange. "Prepare the weapon."

"I still need some time to get it going," Star-Lord answered back.

"Just hurry," answered Doctor Strange.

"Rocket, I need your help," Star-Lord yelled after finishing his conversation with Doctor Strange.

"Why me," Rocket asked.

"I've got it," Spider-Man said, while webbing the wire Star-Lord was referring to against the wall.

"Or we can do that," Star-Lord said, while rushing to prepare the weapon."Ant-Man, go small and walk in that space there and connect two tiny wires," Star-Lord said."Got it," Ant-Man said while going small.

"Gamora, what the hell did you do," Rocket asked.

"I didn't do it," Gamora answered. "Something's wrong with the ship. It won't stay level very well."

"I am Groot," Groot said to Rocket.

"We all know this piece of crap is going down," Rocket snapped back to Groot.

"I am Groot," Groot answered.

"Don't call it a piece of crap," Rocket asked. "Why not? I could get a ship that's better than this one for only fifteen units."

"Hey!" Star-Lord yelled.

"Oh, shut up," Rocket yelled back.

"Those wires are connected," Ant-Man said as he went back to human size.

"Good," Star-Lord replied. "Okay, Groot, on the count of three, hit the button there." Groot started to press a white button.

"No, not that button," Star-Lord said. "That button will set off Rocket's explosives. Press the red button."

"I am Groot," Groot answered in understanding.

"Groot," Star-Lord yelled, "press the button in three, two, one. Now!"

Groot pressed the button, and a shielded prison materialized around Thanos. Thanos looked at his supposed prison, laughed, and then just walked straight through it."Did you really believe that would stop me," asked Thanos. "I am now a god with the Infinity Stones. Nothing can stop me."

Adam Warlock stepped forward and said, "You do not have all the stones."

Superman then surprised Thanos and rammed into him. Thanos reeled back, surprised that this "Superman" was so powerful.

Red Hulk decided to follow Superman's lead and do the same thing, but Thanos was expecting it this time. Red Hulk charged at Thanos, only for Thanos to grab him and smash him on the ground. Red Hulk got back up, about to battle Thanos again; but Thanos used super speed and strength, and smashed Red Hulk. But Red Hulk wouldn't give up yet, and Thanos realized this and shot a beam at Red Hulk from the time stone, putting Red Hulk so old that he died.


So, how was Part Three? I truly am sorry if it seems a little late, but you know, things get busy. Also, I possibly will not be posting Part Four for over a week and a half. I am truly, deeply sorry for any late posts. Anyways, comment below and tell me your thoughts. Also, I would love to hear what you think should be fixed, and I will take it in and try to incorporate it into Part Four. As always, Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


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