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By now, I hope many of you have seen my latest Marvel fan film The Hammer of Mara. If not, you can check it out here. But now, it's time to get to work on the sequel. So, I obviously can't give too much away, but I can give you enough to indulge you until the first big trailer comes out. So here is the official announcement trailer, synopsis, cast list and a couple notes I will have about it:

Announcement Trailer:


Following the events of The Hammer of Mara, Mara continues using Mjolnir to help protect the world. But when Mara becomes too over-confident with herself, she loses the ability to lift her hammer, giving Mephisto the opportunity to continue his attack on Earth. With only Trevor being able to fight off Mephisto's wrath, Mara must return to protect the world once again.


  • Mara Stopyak - Mara
  • Trevor Norkey - Trevor / Mephisto (voice)
  • Trevor Vanburen - Mephisto (live-action)
  • Kaitlynn Bauer - Katie
  • Patrick Soltis - Dr. Mathias Deeds
  • Rascal the Cat - Rascal
  • ?????????? - ??????????

My notes:

Of course, I can't say too much about the movie as to not spoil it. The sequel will, however, strive to expand the universe of the first film. The first Hammer of Mara served as an origin story with how Mara and "Moe" first started. This one will dive deeper into their adventures and Mara's progression in her life. She will encounter an enormous problem in her own personal life and will have to get past it. It will also dive deeper into Trevor's (the character, not me) story, giving him a bit more of a background and a larger purpose other than the dictionary.

I will also be giving a bit more of a spotlight to the antagonist Mephisto. In the first one, he was just an antagonist; his character did not shine much. In the sequel, you will learn more about him and why he is trying to destroy the Earth. Trust me, there's a reason, and you will want to see it.

Of course, I promise the one thing everyone wants out of superhero movies: action. My favorite scene during The Hammer of Mara was when Mara was fighting off all of the stuffed animals at once. I will bring more action into this one now that there is finally room for it. There is one big fight scene in particular that I am very excited for, but I can't give too much information on that one quite yet. It is worth the watch, though.

A Couple Pictures From the Set

The script

Mara on the set

But now, the most important part

Making a movie is not cheap, and considering the circumstances with copyright, I cannot make any money off of these movies to fund them. But I still love making them, and I hope you love watching them. My problem is, in order to make the sequel even better than the first movie, I will need help funding it.

With adding new costumes, new props, replacement hammers and new "gear" for the special effects (green screens, lighting, etc.), the budget seems to get higher and higher. That is why I need your help. I have started a fundraiser at to help fund the production of The Hammer of Mara: Mephisto's Wrath. I do not ask for much, but if everyone even just gave a quarter to help fund the movie, it would make production so much easier and make the final product so much better.

You can find the link here to help fund the production. If you do give, Mara and I thank you like crazy. If not, no harm done. :)

Wrapping It Up

If you haven't seen the first movie, be sure to watch it! It's fun, it's cute, it's interesting and it's under 40 minutes. It is very impressive considering the star is only five years old, if I'm allowed to say so myself. But I look forward to the sequel, which is set to be released in August of this year. I hope you look forward to it too.


Are you excited for The Hammer of Mara: Mephisto's Wrath???


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