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Steve Jobs

Unlike the one which stared Kelso, what's his real name? Ashton Kutcher (I goodled it) and the Steve Jobs from History Channel's Genius first episode which featured Jobs VS Gates. This Jobs seems like the one people say he was, a complete ass. Someone you would just long to slap in the face just because he was such a cockie son of a beep!

Even with that, I might only watch this film if I have a free rental from Redbox

London Has Fallen

Now this is just a teaser, but I loved the Original one, much better then the Tatam Knock-Off. (Butler for the win!) So I'll definitely be watching this film. I want to see the full trailer now to see what they could possible do to keep it going.


Now I have now clue what this film is about so lets watch the trailer together

So it's a boxing movie..... it's the kid from Fant 4 Stic. It seems decent but I won't be holding my breath to see it.

Secret in their eyes.

Another trailer where I have no clue what the film is about, but hay. I need a 4th for an episode.

So it's a film were a kid is killed and the parent wants revenge. After the killer is set free she goes after the guy with her friend (Chiwetel Ejiofor) whom I actually enjoy as an actor and he seems like he might be a main character. I might check

the film out when it hits FX or Redbox.

This Episodes Winner IS


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