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For any product to appear oneBay, it has to fulfill two conditions:

1. It needs to be allocated to eBay listing template

2. The product so listed as a template should have a selected design template

Wondering what is an eBay listing template? Let’s get the answer to your question.

A listing template is essential to get your product listed oneBay. It also helps to determine the way in which product is to be assigned to it and listed ineBay. A listing template lets you know about the time period for which the product is listed, for say, 10 days, 30 days, etc. It conveys the selling format of the product. A listing template can have any number of products listed in it.

What is an eBay listing template designer?

A design template refers to the design or format in which the listing will take place. There are various free listing template designs that can be used free. You can also design your own template or take help of eBay listing designers. A template designed by a professional has proved to be more beneficial and increases conversion rate.

The information that should be defined in aneBay listing template

1. the site or store of eBay through which the product is to be sold

2. listing format weather at auction or fixed price

3. by default eBay and store categories

4. listing template design

5. specifics of item displayed

6. the schedule in which product is listed

7. the when and how the rules regarding relisting

8. rules regarding shipping and costs

9. options regarding payment

10. return policy to be followed, T&C

Some of the auction listing services by eBay

1. Auctionsound

It is a software product by eBay store design which can be used by sellers to manage inventory online and can handle eBay consignment.

2. Auctionsplash

It is a desktop tool provided by eBay to sellers to provide access to template listing, scheduling products and picture hosting. It is a free to use tool.

3. Auctiva

It is another eBay tool which provides professional eBay designed templates, listing software, marketing tools and much more.

4. Blackthorne Basic

It is an application which helps sellers keep the track the sales, provides professional listings and manages communication with the buyer.

5. Ebay turbo lister

It is another listing tool free at eBay which enables sellers to list a plethora of articles to upload at eBay.

There are various others auction listing tools provided by eBay, some of them are free while require amount to be paid. You can list items on eBay and post pictures too. You should know when to use eBay to maximize profits. Choose keywords wisely when listing an item on eBay. Use precise words to describe the product to grain more traffic and attract buyers. Not only being honest about price of the product will be beneficial for buyer but you can also build a reputation on eBay.

These are some of the tips you need to consider while selling the products on eBay.


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