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With Comic Con drawing ever closer, lines ups and confirmed panels from respective film companies, are being touted through the social media channels.

Obviously, we know that Marvel are skipping this year, which is understandable as they’ve pretty much used up their Phase Two juice and wouldn’t really have anything worthy of displaying to the fans, in terms of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)/ Spider-Man.

However, Warner Bros. are tipped and rightly so, to turn and put on a show, as they turn the screw more for the DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe). [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is going to be the front runner for the show, it’s been two years since it was announced and there’s bound to be sneaky peaks of the movie and maybe, just maybe, hear the official Batman Voice with a longer look of Ben Affleck in the suit - maybe a solo Batman film announcement too?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

But what was interesting is that, Suicide Squad, the film that almost every Geek is waiting for, hasn’t been added to the roster…or has it?

Now, it’s safe to say, every fan of comic books and the Superhero movie world almost spontaneously combusted (me included) when Jared Leto was cast as the joker and when we seen him via the fan filmed clips.

Since then, it’s been quiet, too quiet, like David Ayer and his team are working furiously to bring us something to gawp over later this month – apparently, WB have a ‘surprise’ lying in wait, maybe it’s a trailer? Maybe is Joker dialogue? It maybe even be the FULL Justice League Part One team announcement. Either way, if this ‘surprise’ does happen, a lot of people in Hall H are going to be losing their minds and quite possibly, break the internet…again.

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

2016 could be the year of DC, whatever happens between now and then, could define the Superhero Movie world – something we fans may have never seen before.

Roll on Comic Con!


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