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I want to start this post by saying I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE FLASH. The Flash ©2014 DC Comics, Warner Bros., The CW & associated entities. No infringement intended. If anyone of you reading this read my first post ever, thank you and you already know what this is about. For those of you just coming in then WELCOME!! In these post I write how I'd go about writing the Second season of Flash if I was hired by them. If you like what you see, share this with everyone and perhaps even CW. Now let's dive in, this is Episode 2 of my image of The Flash season 2. After the brief look into this episode, I'll talk about why I decide to go about writing the event below. So I'll leave you to it, enjoy reading and I'll see you in a bit.

Season 2, Episode 2

After discovering the existence of Earth-Two, Barry makes a stop to S.T.A.R. Labs to see Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon when he discovers the Lab has been broken into. Barry Allen, a former awkward forensic scientist known by the citizens of Central City as the superhero Flash, will do whatever it takes to find out who is responsible for kidnapping his friends and colleagues.

Following the events of the black hole incident, everything seems to be back to normal, Barry is late for work, but instead of meeting Joe and Eddie at the crime scenes, it's just Joe. After spending some time at the scene, Barry comes to the conclusion that sonic technology is involved and wants to check this information with Cisco and Caitlin back at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Upon entering S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry notices that the Lab has be ransacked and there isn't any sign of Cisco and Caitlin anywhere inside the building, the only thing that stands out is a USB Drive with a note "Read Me." Barry Takes this to Gideon, the interactive computer consciousness as she decodes a Message "meet me here if you want your friends back."

Barry arrives at the coordinates specified by the USB someone left behind for him to figure out. It was an abandoned concert hall in keystone. When Barry enters he sees Cisco and Caitlin tied up and unconscious. When he gets closer to them, hypersonic vibrations filled up the room in a matter of seconds and Barry drops to his knees. He remembers someone capable of this, as this mystery hooded figure shows himself to be Pied Piper.

Hartley tells Barry that he's waited a long time to get back those responsible for taking his hands away from him. Barry is shocked, seeing he has both hands wearing gloves. Hartley reveals the cybernetics hidden underneath them. Barry scans the room and notices speakers everywhere so Barry tries the trick Wells did on the bridge, he tells Gideon to send out a frequency to counter the hypersonic sound, the only problem is, they're duds. Then someone is heard laughing from behind the shadows, as its revealed to be Axel Walker, better known as The Trickster.

It turns out Trickster and Pied Piper are friends. Trickster saw the condition of Hartley after the bridge incident and helped him replace what couldn't be saved. Axel promised to help his friend get back at Harrison Wells and S.T.A.R. Labs, except they didn't expect Wells to be declared dead by Joe during a press conference in Episode 1. So they redirected it at a common enemy - The flash. They both take turns beating Barry as he lies helpless to use his speed force, Cisco wakes to see the sight of his friend on the group.

Cisco remembers what Wells said to him at the Lab during the second accelerator incident, "he was affected by the accelerator too," Cisco channels his thoughts on trying to break out of his restraints and help his friend. Unexpectedly, he's successful. But he notices something, he didn't just break the locks, he felt his molecules vibrating. He used his recently discovered abilities to emit a powerful shockwave through the air, canceling the sound. Barry feels his molecules calm down and he's able to use his powers again.

Hartley and Axel are shocked that their plan failed all because of Cisco, as they try to regain control by teaming up on Barry before he got back on his feet, however, Cisco fires a shockwave at the both of them, sending them through the boxes. Barry gets back on his feet, and together, he and Cisco render them incapacitated. Joe arrives later and halls them both to Iron Heights Prison, Caitlin wonders if they should put them in the Lab, Barry says that's the police's job, it would be illegal for them to do it, plus they aren't meta-humans. They all go back to S.T.A.R. Labs as Cisco reveals his new costume and name; The Vibe.

Later, in the shadows, a boomerang is seen thrown and then torched. The man in goggles says wonders who summoned him there if it wasn't "crocodile hunter," and a man appears from nowhere saying "I thought it'd be a cold day in hell before I thought you both would answer an anonymous message. Time for the Rogues to come back into business."

Welcome back, told you I'd see you in a bit. Now let's go start into talking about this episode, I'll try to make it short and sweet.

We start the episode with things going back to their old routines, Barry is late as always, except we have a few new things happening; first, Iris and Barry are seen being awkward around each other, since Barry did leave a dead Eddie, which you and I all know there was nothing he could do, and that when Barry gets called to a crime scene, Joe is by himself on the field, he hasn't requested a partner since the incident. Barry does his expression of "Sherlock Holmes" as he cleverly deduces the scene of the crime. It happened at a cybernetics lab, glass broken everywhere but no impact point. This makes him think about a suspect but he quickly dismisses it seeing as though his hands were messed up by fake Harrison Wells.

Barry takes this information back to S.T.A.R. Labs to get a second opinion from Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, but odd, he does hear any voices, no Cisco messing around and Caitlin making him focus. Barry considers that maybe the deaths of Eddie and the man they first came to respect Harrison Wells (before they got tricked) might be getting their spirits down. He comes in planning to cheer them up when he sees the lab torn apart. Barry freaks out and uses his speed to check the entire building 5 times. Nothing, no sign, all except broken glass and a note with a USB DRIVE. He remembers gideon and goes to see her. She decodes this in seconds and tells him everything on the drive. Barry, in a flash, changes into his costume and goes to the coordinates.

Barry arrives and scans the building before arriving to the room with Cisco and Caitlin. He saw no signs of anyone beside them so he steps closer to reach them when all of the sudden, the room goes into lock down and hypersonic sounds echo through the room in seconds. Barry instantly recognizes this same feel as he's done this before, duh duh DUH!!! It's Hartley, a.k.a Pied Piper. Barry should've went with his gut instinct at the scene of the crime, but was skeptical because was thrown for a loop because the last condition Hartley was in. Barry notices speakers everywhere and remembers how he came through this same trap and uses the communication link in his mask to contact Gideon and use the same trick Wells did. Except Gideon tells Barry there are no speakers. Barry has been tricked, they were duds, and when Hartley saw that look in Barry's eyes, laughing could be heard in the shadows as the speakers open up to see balloons and ribbons flying out of them. That laugh, he recognized that laugh, it was Trickster!

Barry knows he doesn't stand a chance, two on one, no powers, he doesn't know what to do as his entire body is too stiff to move. Barry tries to stall time by asking why someone like Hartley would work with Trickster. As it turns out they knew each other, they were friends, when trickster saw what they did to Hartley's hands, he vowed to get them back for what happened. Hartley reveals cybernetic arms. He was the one who broke into the lab. Hartley also reveals a new toy, an idea the trickster thought up, a flute, with hypersonic capabilities just like his gloves, only thousands of times better. He tortures Barry with the multiple frequencies he uploaded into the flute, as Trickster uses his confusingly complicated yet hilarious toys to injury the fallen hero even more.

Cisco wakes to see them ganging up on his friend, and struggles to break free. But it's no use, he's weak and useless. Then the words of the fake Harrison Wells echoes in his mind. "The accelerator affected him too." As much as Cisco hated reverse-flash, he focused on those words and tries to break free again, and succeeded. But this wasn't due to strength, it was something entirely different, he could feel every molecule in his body vibrate. He gets excited but quickly remembers his friend is in trouble. Cisco thinks of an image in his head; vibrations in the air traveling throughout the room, and holds his hands up, that same image works as he feels it happening. We all knew for the longest time he was going to be Vibe, so I thought why wait half of a season, let's give the fans something to look forward to in this fight, besides, it only makes sense for Cisco to discover his abilities during a situation that is related to his own powers. And Hartley and him have a rivalry going on so it also works on a deeper level.

As Cisco counters the hypersonic sound, Barry begins to regain his speed force abilities, it becomes a tag team match, two best friend super villains and two best friend super heroes battling for their own motivations. And of course since it's a good guy TV show and he has dealt through so much emotional baggage, he needed this victory, and so did we. This isn't Game of Throne, there needs to be some up sides. Joe takes them to Iron Heights which leads to a very good morality discussion; should they have locked them away in S.T.A.R. Labs or put them in prison. This was talked about a little in the first season, about keeping them against their own will outside the legal system, of course we think "if they are in a normal prison, they'll break out" but Barry ultimately says we need to follow the proper judicial system if our laws were to mean anything at all.

Then we go to S.T.A.R. Labs as we see a traditional The Flash episode style ending, everyone is waiting for the unveiling of Central City's newest hero, Vibe. Cisco comes out in his costume and is smiling like any proper geek with super powers. After that, we see three other Rouges gathering together, with Captain Cold offering a proposal to reassemble the Rouges Gallery.

That's the end folks, not too much fan service like the first episode but if you always show fan service, it makes it seem less special the more it happens. And believe me, I've got a lot more to show you all on the next time. Thank you for reading and remember, if you want to talk about it, comment below, I love having discussions. Also, share this on any social media site you are on and perhaps CW will see this. Take care!

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