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There is yet another holiday-themed movie coming your way from director Garry Marshall, the guy behind the Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve films. After a few years hiatus he's trying to make a comeback by getting his mitts on another much celebrated holiday. It seems he is on a surefire quest to have every calendar holiday covered and turned into a comedy-infused movie, and the cast for the next edition is taking shape.

The theme and title for his next film is going be a holiday that we all know - Mother's Day! The story will reveal the intertwining stories about the lives of several mothers as Mother's Day approaches.

There is one actress who has already been confirmed, according to deadline, and that is Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts may just be the right choice for this film as she often appears in these light hearted and uplifting comedy's and has previously worked with Marshall on Valentine's Day. With her experience acting in Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman, I am sure she will be fantastic in this new role.

So, who else can we expect?

Garry Marshall is busy assembling another all-star cast and Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Jason Sudeikis are all rumored to be in negotiations.

It seems that these actresses feel very at home in their comedy/romance roles as they keep returning to these types of files. Actor Jason Sudeikis, known for Saturday Night Live and We're the Millers, is a surprise addition to this rumored cast. Jennifer and Jason have previously worked together on We’re the Millers and acted alongside each other in the Horrible Bosses films.

I wonder if Kate Hudson will be busting out this move when things get confirmed?

The production for Mother’s Day is soon to begin, starting in August this year.


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