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Are you an avid Disney fan? Do you love gaming? Well, this Deviantartist Dreemers has a visual treat in stall for you! The energetic worlds of the game League of Legends and Disney have collided. This unlikely, but awesome fusion has created Disney princesses like you may have never seen them before!

Have you ever wondered how Alice in Wonderland may look as a tougher kinda gal? Or perhaps, how Jasmine may look as the prodigious martial artist Akali? Well, think no further because this fan art will reveal all!

Are you ready for the awesome League of Legends and Disney crossover? The Princesses you know have just gotten a whole lot tougher..

1) Elsa, the Frost Archer

This ice-enchanted bow was made for Elsa, she looks empowered with her new found weapon. Ashe, the Frost Archer is is the perfect fusion for this princess from Arendelle.

2) Alice, the Sheriff of Piltover

Alice best stop dreaming as she has some crime fighting to do. Her next calling is to protect The League of Legends City of Piltover.

3) Aurora, the Nine-Tailed Fox

Aurora has just gotten a whole lot foxier and has been transformed into the cunning Nine-Tailed Fox. Just like Sleeping Beauty, the foxy creature was gifted with profound beauty, this fusion works brilliantly.

4) Belle, the Radiant Dawn

Wow, Belle has dropped her book and has become a mighty warrior. She is looking exceptionally confident in her knew role.

5) Jasmine, the Fist of Shadow

Jasmine is that really you? Wowza what a transformation! In this fusion Jasmine has transformed into Lore the prodigious martial artist.

6) Snow White, the Grand Duelist

Snow White looks terrified of her weapon, maybe she would look more comfortable if her dear animal friends were surrounding her. Whether she likes it or not, she has now been depicted as a notorious duelist.

7) Jane, the Bestial Huntress

Damn, Jane got FIERCE. This girl won't be needing Tarzan to fight any troubles heading her way!

8) Rapunzel, the Loose Cannon

Jinx aka the loose cannon is a total trouble maker, but Rapunzel still manages to look entirely sweet here in this mash-up. The ombre detail in the hair looks ace too!

9) Ariel, the Bounty Hunter

Ariel looks entirely badass here, appearing very confident in her new role as Bounty Hunter.

In her own words this is what inspired the artist to create this fan art:

I LOVE League of legends! And I wanted to draw some sort of fanart for it! But I didn't want to just draw the characters as they are, so I decided I'd do a Disney x LOL series

To see more of this talented Deviantartist Dreemers work, click here.


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