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It's no secret that us Harry Potter fans are deeply emotionally invested in the universe we spent much of our childhoods immersing ourselves in, and most of us still have a real soft spot for Hogwarts lore well into adulthood.

Maybe there is something of a masochistic streak in the Potterhead community because Tumblr is full of posts that are designed to tweak our tear ducts into action, but will they get you welling up with emotion or is there just something in your eye?

15. When someone made this tearjerking revelation...

14. ...and then this sadist somehow managed to make it even more heart-wrenching

13. This solitary tear drop that is infused with one of the deepest sadnesses known to Potterdom

13. The story of the Phelps twins filming Fred's death and being overwhelmed by the emotion of it all...

12...Especially when accompanied by this candid snap of the uncontrollable tears on set

11. Harry's reaction to Sirius Black's death with the passage from the book to really punch you in the tear ducts

10. When someone made this heartbreaking GIF montage of Dobbie dying a free elf and made our souls die a little bit alongside him...

9. ...And when we were reminded of when Luna did what she could to give him a proper send off when Harry didn't have the strength

8. This gut-punching reminder about the heartbreak that Snape suffered through entirely alone

7. This depressing reminder that Harry Potter lost two father figures before he reached adulthood

6. When someone took the time to imagine Harry before he had the chance to truly live at Hogwarts

Image by: Imgur

5. When someone compiled the intros and outros of all of our beloved Harry Potter movies and sent us right back into the adrenaline filled darkness of the cinema

Image: Benedictcumberbatchsgirlfriend

4. These pictures of Rupert, Harry and Emma on their first and last days on set...

3. ...Coupled with this devestating montage of them crying on their last ever day filming as a team

2. When someone compiled the first and last things Harry ever said about Snape

1. This Vine that condenses all of the feels into one impossibly pitter pill


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