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Don't be fooled by that stern stare, the dark vampiric robes, and his black greasy hair. Professor Severus Snape has more heart than we give him credit for.

It is common knowledge that Snape has always been interested in teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. Five times, he has been turned down for the post.

Have you ever wondered why Snape was so keen on being the DADA professor? Perhaps you think it is because he has an affinity for it. Perhaps it reminds him of when he was a Death Eater, working for the powerful Lord Voldemort.

Or perhaps Snape's motives were somewhat more heroic...

Here's Tumblr user ashtonsfrenchie to explain all:

Maybe Snape wanted to be the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher because he wanted to be able to help Harry to beat again the man who killed Lily as he knew he would come back at some point. Just to protect him without him noticing.

Whoa. That actually makes a lot of sense. While Snape felt conflicted emotions of love and hate towards Harry, he also would have wanted to see the dark wizard who killed the love of his life, Lily Potter, dead.

Whether Snape had been the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, or anything else, he was by far one of Dumbledore's most loyal companions. He turned away from the dark side and to the light of love.

If you can't tell, he's one of my absolute favorite characters. It's no wonder Harry and Ginny named one of their sons Albus Severus Potter.

Check out Snape's heartbreaking memories below:


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