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Some people are so insanely imaginative, and some create the most stunning outfits when their hands grab hold of a needle, thread, and some material.

When these two qualities combine, you are left with some of the most awesome and innovative cosplay. There are a lot of people who think outside of the box, and I feel I could really learn a thing or two from them.

1. Luigi Owning the Titans

The hand motion he does at the end! He knows he won that round after throwing that powerful green turtle shell.

2. Supa Fly Storm Troopa

I'm unsure if he's going to bust out his E-11 blaster rifle, or release his inner b-boy and start breakdancing like there's no tomorrow. Either way, I'm intrigued and impressed with this unexpected mash up!

3. Movable Throne

I could use a group of people whose formation created a thrown for me to sit on. Sure it may be uncomfortable for them, but it would be insanely fun and relaxing for me.

4. But How Does He Walk Around?!

He is the perfect shade of green, and I wonder what his foot plaque is made of. I am also curious as to how he gets around.

5. Pixar Desk Lamp

This is so cute and hits me right in the nostalgia. I remember growing up and watching Pixar film after Pixar film, my excitement amplified by seeing this familiar logo at the start of every film.

6. Ursula Needs Her Water

Where are her little poopsies, Flotsam and Jetsam? Just make sure not to get caught up in those vicious tentacles.

7. When Gotham City Is in Trouble...

You call Batman. This guy has the most pimpin' wheelchair. And just look at the confident smile on his face; he knows it too!

8. The Ring!

Dog is man's best friend, right? Wrong! Dog is actually the evil and dead little girl named Samara from The Ring. I won't be able to sleep at night now.

I am feeling beyond inspired.

Maybe I could dress up as Ash and find some animal friendly dye so my chinchilla Marley can look like Pikachu. That would really blow peoples' minds!

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