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Mark Newton

Trailers are constantly evolving beasts. Once they were nothing but extended adverts in which a man with a voice several octaves below 'normal' would explain what the film was about in a series of cliched phrases.

Then we moved away from that and replaced those cliched phrases with cliched sounds, most notably the "BWWAAAAAA" sound effect.

Today, there are now several breeds of trailers out there. Some seem inclined to just give away the entire story in two minutes, while others pile on the feels with some slow transitional editing and a Mumford and Sons soundtrack.

That's the feeling self-confessed "unemployed video editor" Ryan Shukis recently captured when he decided to give 1994's The Lion King a modern trailer makeover.

Check out the original 1994 trailer below, and then take a look at Shukis' to see how it compares.

The original

And here's how the Lion King trailer might look today

That's some serious feels, right there.

Shukis, who claims he'd like to edit trailers for a living, certainly seems to have the modern style down. Indeed, one of the major differences between the original and the 'modern' trailer is the way in which the latter tells the story without resorting to a fairly clumsy voiceover. Of course, we're a bit biased in this, since we already know the story to The Lion King and so it's obvious to us in 2015, but I still think the basic premise would have been just as clear in 1994.

However, the modern trailer did seem to omit the humor of The Lion King, which is better represented in the original. Having said that, it's a trailer which is clearly looking to build up the gravitas and epicness more than the laughs - I mean it hardly features Timon and Pumba. Those guys were my favorites...


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