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Just days after a controversial new poop-shaped sweet was released in a new store inside Disney's Animal Kingdom, the snack has been removed from shelves after guest outrage proved too much to ignore.

Zuri's Sweets Shop opened its doors to guests on June 18th, selling a number of sweet foods, including rice krispie treats, popcorn, animal shaped cookies, however there was one treat that was much more interesting than mickey-shaped cookies: four different types of animal poop!

The poop snack came in four different varieties: giraffe, elephant, cotton-topped tamarin and hippo poo, and each type was made from different combinations of fudge and ingredients such as rolled oats, coconut flakes and pretzel pieces.

Source: Disney Food Blog
Source: Disney Food Blog

The snack had been intended to be sold to guests, and also be used as a part of 'Wilderness Explorer,' a park-wide interactive adventure with numerous games for the kids. For this particular segment children play a "Match the Species" game, trying to guess which poop would belong to which species. However, now it seems like Disney will have to find something else to include on the 'Wilderness Explorer' adventure, because these once endangered feces have now gone extinct.

Disney fan website Doctor Disney reports that according to Disney Cast Members and other sources, the reason the poop candy was discontinued was mostly due to guest complaints, though Disney has yet to make an official statement about their decision, and whether or not the sweet treats are gone for good.

Zuri's sweet shop in Animal Kingdom
Zuri's sweet shop in Animal Kingdom

While the poop candy received its fair share of criticism online, being called everything from "really disgusting," to "classless" and "trashy," it seems they also had a lot of support, with many labelling Disney party poopers for pandering to some, and removing the harmless, fun treat.

Despite bringing a lot of attention, for now the poop treats have been wiped off the menu, and only those lucky enough to get their hands on a plop or two in the brief time it was sold at Zuri's Sweet Shop will ever have the honor of knowing what it tasted like.

Source: Doctor Disney


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