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Now, if there's one thing we can be fairly sure about when it comes to Captain America: Civil War, it's that the movie will probably bear only a passing resemblance to the original comic-book story-line. After all, so much that we saw in the comics simply isn't a practical option for the movie - whether it's the inclusion of heroes Marvel Studios doesn't have the rights to, or the death of characters who haven't been introduced yet.

With the recent confirmation that Tom Holland will be our new Spider-Man, though, the chances of us seeing one of the most iconic parts of the story have gone up dramatically. After all, for many fans, the most memorable element of the comic-book Civil War (other than watching Iron Man and Cap punch each other, which'll definitely be in the movie) was the tough decision Peter Parker had to make over which side to choose.

He found it harder than you'd think.
He found it harder than you'd think.

With the possibility of that central conceit being firmly in place in the movie increasing, then, intrepid DeviantArt-er AndrewSS7 seemingly set out to capture exactly what that idea might look like in poster form - and the result is pretty darned fantastic:

Iron Man and Cap Get All Grabby

It's not, however, the only awesome fan-made response to the idea that's popped up on the internet. Here are three more of the best:

Spider-Man Gets Crowded Out

via PrangOut

Spidey Heads Front and Center

via burakrall

And, of course:

Spidey Has to Choose

via sahinduezguen

All of which are pretty darned awesome - and seem to very much raise the bar for Marvel itself in the process.

The big question, though?

What do you reckon?



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