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The true unedited ending to Batman: Arkham Knight holds within it one of the coolest easter eggs to date. This hidden gem is a brilliant tribute to the series and will certainly appeal to all you Batman: Arkham fans.

As covered previously in our Batman guide, Batman: Arkham Knight's full ending is only obtainable if you complete 100% of the game. That means that if you fail to complete any of the side missions you will not be getting the whole picture at the end.

The Final Piece

Spoiler Alert. This following feature contains the full unedited ending to [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936).

This beautiful Arkham trivia is extremely easy to miss. Chances are many of you will have missed it entirely.

So, remember Calendar Man?

Julian Gregory Day, better known as Calendar Man, is a renowned villain that exists within the DC universe. Calendar Man commits crimes that correspond with significant dates. Calendar Man will often dress up in appropriate costumes that relate to the date. We last saw Calendar Man in Arkham City. Or did we?

Late last year, the gaming world went into total meltdown when gamers found a Batman: Arkham City easter egg a whole three years after its initial release.

This easter egg they found was focused on a character called Calendar Man. What they discovered was that if they set their machines to December 13th, 2004, the character Calendar Man was given new dialog.

A secret message for Batman:

At the time this all seemed a little vague; it was great that we found new content but it didn't seem to marry up to the game. Until now.

The key sentence we have to take from this rather lengthy speech is - “The end of days is coming. I was there at your beginning, and I will be there at your end.”

Why is this so important now, you ask? Well, Calendar Man has indeed kept his promise to Batman. Calendar Man was there! Did you spot him first time around?

Here is the full unedited true ending to Batman: Arkham Knight - Keep your eyes peeled!

Miss it again? The particular part of this sequence you are looking for comes at 1:50. At this point the cinematic sees a large crowd gathered outside the gates of Wayne Manor.

The camera moves from the news reporter and up onto Batman's dramatic arrival. As they fight their way through the crowd we see glimpses of something or someone very familiar. It's fast so I will show you a still.

There you see calendar Man. Just across from someone that looks a little like Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. (But that's probably another easter egg all together.)

Calendar Man, as promised was there at the end. A lovely tie in to the previous titles from Rocksteady. Not that I thought they had forgotten, but I did wonder if we were to see him again.

I was a little worried from the first time I heard the speech that Rocksteady was planning on killing off Batman at some point and Calendar Man would have some role in that.

Thankfully, I was wrong. It is sometimes the tiniest of details that provide us with the biggest impact. This is probably not the biggest easter egg in the game, but to me and other die hard Arkham fans these winks to the previous titles are what keep us coming back for more.


It just goes further to prove that gaming companies like Rocksteady that truly commit to their titles produce an infinitely better product. A quality that does not go unnoticed. Rocksteady, you rock!

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