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The worlds that Disney currently control are scarily vast. This company has a massive degree of control over the movie industry - however, that does mean that Kingdom Hearts 3 has a ridiculous degree of options! We could get anything from the classic Disney movies, to the likes of The Muppets, anything Marvel related and, of course, Star Wars. But each of these worlds could offer up some terrible combinations.

We can't wait to see the adventures that Sora embarks upon with Goofy and Donald by his side. The E3 2015 trailer has us even more excited for what lies ahead. But if any of these characters and worlds appear in Kingdom Hearts 3...that excitement may be seriously deflated.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

The Disney Worlds & Characters That Would Ruin Kingdom Hearts 3 on Release Date!

I thought of going in order of awfulness, but I have to get this initial idea out of the way. The mere concept of this combination would destroy the hearts of so many fans. If Square Enix even begin to consider the notion of including him, we will all have to launch a campaign against its implementation.

Sora & Jar Jar Binks

A Star Wars world seems rather inevitable for Kingdom Hearts 3. But if this eejit comes anywhere near the game, Square Enix will have some serious explaining to do. Can you imagine if he was your guide through the Star Wars world? That we had to listen to some talented voice actor mimic Ahmed Best's best...I mean worst performance? No. Just, no.

Too true
Too true

High School Musical

Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP! With Disney behind High School Musical, the possibilities of it entering into Kingdom Hearts 3 are a little too terrifying.

We've seen Square Enix incorporate live-action stuff before and due to the popularity of this movie following its release date, I wonder whether it's actually being considered.

Don't do it, Square. For the sake of us all.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3


Now, the other choices are obviously REALLY bad ideas. When it comes to the world and characters of Marvel, having them appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 would be a lot better than seeing Jar Jar's attempts at humour. But I really don't think that Marvel characters, particularly the Avengers, would really work in this universe. Would their world be set in New York? Would it be on Thor's home world? Either way, I just don't think that this adored name melds with Kingdom Hearts at all. Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

Do You Want Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3?

This is the other aspect of Disney that a lot of fans have discussed. Personally, I do actually think a Star Wars world is not only the most likely outside of Disney's own animations to appear, but the most appropriate. It has such a fantastic degree of fantasy that I can't help but want to see Square Enix combine it with Kingdom Hearts 3. But what do you guys think? Can you think of worse worlds for the game's release date?


Which of these worlds do you want the most?


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