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I know, I'm a little late on this, but the truth is, I just heard about it. Am I living under a rock ? Maybe.

So, to the very few of you who still don't know what this is, it's a spin-off series of both Flash and Arrow that will air on the midseason hiatus of those shows. It will of course exist in the same universe.

My most honest reaction

Oh my fucking god ! Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Cap. Cold and Heatwave, White Canary, the Atom finally shrinks !! And Vandal Savage as the villain, what ?!

That was my immediate reaction when I watched it. Now that I've cooled down, I hope I can explain a little better.

So, we start off with Oliver talking about how he started this alone, and he never thought that one day, more people would join him. Barry joins in, saying that things just got stranger and sometimes the world needs a team. Then Rip Hunter, member of the Time Masters (played by Arthur Darvill who happened to be a Doctor Who companion) appears and says that they'll need to travel through time to stop Vandal Savage (an immortal caveman from the stone age).

What to expect from this unusual team ? Awesome stuff on every level and because it's a team, it won't be centered on one character but all of them instead. I also hope that there is less, or hopefully none, melodrama.

Now what to expect from the show in itself ? From the looks of the trailer it will be action-packed with lots of stunts. Another thing to expect will be other Flashes. They travel in time, so hopefully we'll get to see Wally West or even Bart Allen. Also, we can expect lots of humor, with Cap. Cold and Atom on board and sometimes Barry. And now Atom is finally what he's supposed to be : a shrinking dude... who can also fly so he's like a tiny Iron Man.

I'm really looking forward to this. My only fears is that they fuck-up Hawkgirl's backstory. It's pretty hazy. Her story is usually that she's an alien who arrived to Earth in ancient Egypt who was worshipped as a god, so it'll be interesting to see how they manage to tell it. As for Atom shrinking, they will probably first show it in season 4 of Arrow.

But what I'm really excited for is Vandal Savage. That characters has so much potential ! I've only seen him in Justice League cartoons, but he's definitely awesome. I wonder who they'll cast to play him. I also wonder how traveling in time might affect the timelines of Flash and Arrow. You know what SA said, he's done playing the Arrow, I guess that's how they might explain the changes : because they all coexist in the same universe, whatever Legends does in the past might affect everything, maybe Oliver will stop being like Batman and will finally be the funny guy Green Arrow is supposed to be.

I think that's how it's gonna happen. Season 4 of Arrow will start where we left off, then in the midseason hiatus, Legends premiers and whatever they do in the past will change everything in the two other shows. It's freaking genius.


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