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Santa Catarina, Brazil based digital artist Marcelo Monreal delights in finding the bloom of celebrity. He dissects famous faces to expose the natural beauty inside or at least the blossoming of flora and skin that he depicts it to be.

Most of his blooming celebrities are stars of the fashion runway. The genetically endowed are easy subjects for the grafting of flora and fauna that Monreal strives for.

This beauty is as beauty does idea produces striking images even if it short-changes their emotional depth a small bit. Not all models are lovely inside. They all have a small bit of rot hidden in them. In that they are exactly the same as everyone else.

Even at their worst the female celebrities maintain a haunting beauty.

The male celebrities don't fare as nicely. The classically handsome come off as striking. The rugged and average (John Malkovich and Christopher Walken in particular) just look slightly creepy-- almost a seedy aberration left to decompose in a serial killer corpse farm.

Monreal's art stems naturally from his daytime job. He develops embroidery for a label factory.

Monreal facial floral photographs also stand out as a contrast to other famous photo collage artists.

Matthieu Bourel's vintage celebrity photo collages slice and dice Golden Era celebrities (Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren) into almost alien creatures from a B grade sci-fi movie.

Rocio Montoya's stunning experimental photos of women in balance with nature and a natural floral balance imposed upon them also come to mind.

To see more of Marcelo Monreal's work go to his Facebook page.

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