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I really don't know how to get excited for Fargo Season 2. No one ever taught me! With anthology TV shows, where each season departs greatly from the last, there's no logical follow-on in the story, and it's near impossible to speculate upon what you're going to see! We have this exact problem with the likes of True Detective and American Horror Story! Fargo Season 2 is going the extra mile by essentially acting as a prequel to Season 1. So what do fans of Fargo have to go off so far? Well, they have this incredible teaser!

Now this is how you do a teaser trailer! It's fleeting but not superfluous. It's confident but not arrogant. In a world where teasers are essentially just statements of a thing existing, this is a fantastic way for Fargo Season 2 to make itself known! What I like most is how the contrast between the woodpecker and the gunshots perfectly reflects the conceit of Fargo. Innocence and quaintness living side by side with violence and malice. Notice how the woodpecker continues amongst the gunfire, just as characters like Lester Nygaard in Season 1 made do with their deadly circumstances.

So aside from an abundance of snow and woodpeckers (seriously if there are no woodpeckers, I'm not watching anymore), what's going on in Fargo Season 2? Well, elements such as the show being set in the 70s, and the inclusion of Kirsten Dunst certainly are promising. Fargo hasn't had enough time to establish a constant tone, yet there are a few elements of Season 2 that could put off long term fans.

Will this be a mob story?

I've no gripes with tales of rival families, or mobsters rising in the ranks only for their own hubris to bring about their downfall. It's been a staple of American cinema for almost a century. The idea of rival factions duking it out in the snow does appeal to me, but it just doesn't suit Fargo. One of the weaker elements of last Season was the bizarre inclusion of Key and Peele investigating shady mob shenanigans, and I just hope that vibe doesn't dominate Season 2. Still, perhaps with the more modest characters caught in the middle of all this, it could still nail that "way in over your head" tone.

Bruce Campbell as Ronald Reagan

Bruce Campbell's face fits every situation!
Bruce Campbell's face fits every situation!

I had to check over this detail several times to make sure it wasn't a hoax, or a weird piece of viral marketing on behalf of FX. It's just such a bizarre move to include Bruce campbell in a show as bleak as Fargo, and it's especially weird to have him play someone as huge and game-changing as Ronald Reagan. FX CEO, John Landgraf seemed to brush these details off as trivial when he released them to the public last year, so maybe Fargo Season 2 is going for a sense of understated comedy with the casting of Campbell. At first I couldn't see the resemblance between Bruce and the former president, but then he furrowed his brow and... ah there it is!

Bruce Campbell is currently listed as only appearing in the first episode of Fargo Season 2. Perhaps this is just a fleshed out cameo, and Ronald Reagan will have no impact on the plot later on. We needn't expect scenes of an ex-movie star and presidential candidate helping shady figures dispose of corpses in the snow. Or maybe we should. That sounds incredible! Check out my other coverage of Fargo Season 2 here!


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